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Dragon Quest VII and VIII Might be Getting a Western Release


While not confirmed by Square Enix, it seems like Dragon Quest VII and VIII will be coming to the West. According to multiple people at the Japan Expo this past weekend, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii said the games will be localized in “French”.

  • Kidking17

    If this comes to the U.S. Then it’s a Day 1 buy for me.

  • Danfordun

    Now the real question is…

    Who’s publishing it?

    • Jon Turner

      It really doesn’t matter to me whether it’s SE OR Nintendo publishing it. Both will be in my collection if they’re localized either way.

      • Justin Finnegan

        If Nintendo has to publish it for them again, it will disprove the notion that SE is making any actual effort to improve themselves. Because I’ve seen comments floating around that SE is starting to turn things around… If SE publishes it themselves, it will ease some of my annoyance towards them.

        However, despite earlier comments I’ve made about not wanting to support them anymore, I would be getting both games either way, just like I’ll be getting Bravely Second. In the end, I see no benefit in missing out on games I really want to play just because I no longer love the company that produced it.

        • Jon Turner

          It’s for that same reason that I ended up getting a PS3. I don’t particularly like Sony and would never dream of supporting their systems. However, there are games on there that I REALLY wish could have come to Nintendo systems that intrigue me, so I got that as a backup. I don’t want to let my misgivings get in the way of trying out games. I still think Nintendo SHOULD try to get SE onboard NX, though. It would be a great asset. If the NX can run their games without much trouble and sell well, I think SE might be willing to consider it.

          • Justin Finnegan

            The biggest reason I won’t get a Playstation console is because I don’t have a decent enough tv to play games on. Even with my Wii U, I rely on the gamepad’s off tv play feature. I do have enough money to buy a better tv, but there are specific reasons why picking up a decent tv would be difficult for me. When FF X/X-2 was released though, I bought a Vita just to get that game. At the time, my annoyance with SE wasn’t that high yet, so I was very keen on picking up a Vita for that game alone. But another reason I can’t use a PS4 is because I have quite a large backlog as it is. I currently have a 3DS, Wii U, Vita, and PSP. All of those add up to quite a large library of games. Even though the PSP is a last gen handheld, I didn’t buy it during that generation so I’m not caught up on its library of games by a longshot.

            As far as whether I believe that SE will be willing to properly support the NX even if it’s able to handle their games, I’ll have to wait and see if Nintendo publishes these DQ games or if SE does it themselves. If SE doesn’t publish DQ in the west, I won’t have much hope for them supporting the NX. MAYBE they’ll release NX versions of their games in Japan, but they’ll be unwilling to publish the NX versions in the west. They’ll always not only expect, but demand that Nintendo always publish their games for them or no western NX release.

          • Jon Turner

            I understand your position. But I still would like to see DQXI and KH3 on NX either way. And hopefully they will if NX is indeed strong enough to run them.

          • Justin Finnegan

            If the NX is indeed a fusion system, I will get the NX portable, as I believe it would be possible to buy the units separately. If DQ XI is released for it and localized by someone, I will indeed get it even if SE continues to disappoint me as a whole. I’m a little less certain about getting KH3. Considering I never played the first 2, I would probably feel like I missed out on too much of the story to pick up the main series at that point. Unless they released the first 2 along with it, to fill in the gaps. With the KH spinoffs, it does seem like they made them so you can play them without any knowledge of the main series. At least so far, it’s not a problem for me in playing Birth By Sleep or 365/2 days. But considering KH3 is a mainline title, I think knowledge of the first 2 games will be more important in appreciating it.

            Of course if the NX somehow isn’t a fusion system, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get it at all. Nintendo’s not likely to bring the gamepad back, so off tv play wouldn’t be supported in that case. But I do believe the NX will be a console and a handheld that will share the same library of games, so someone like me that relies on gaming without a decent tv won’t have to miss out.

  • JaxonH

    French as in Europe or French as in French-Canadian?

    My guess would be Canadian localization alongside English for North America. Europe tends to get skipped a lot, and would require more languages than just French and English.


    Guess it is time to polish up on my French :).

  • GeneralBrown178

    Hope this is true.