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Could Nintendo Launch the Nintendo NX Successfully in July? - Nintendo Enthusiast


Our friends over at Nintendo Enthusiast have posted an interesting article, discussing the possibility of Nintendo launching their next system in July compared to the holiday seasons. If you don’t like NX/sales talk, please ignore this article. Check out a few snippets below.

“If Nintendo sees 60% of its sales in the fall, it may seem at first glance that the holiday season would be the ideal time to launch a product. If we dig deeper, however, this may not necessarily be so true. Perhaps the reason why the holiday is so successful is because of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nintendo’s biggest games (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros) tend to launch in the holiday, so of course it makes sense that during this period of the year sales are far higher than during the spring or summer months.”

“A great example of this is Mario Kart 8, which launched in May, and is the highest-selling Wii U game to date. Fire Emblem Awakening and Bravely Default, both February launches, performed very well in the States. It seems like games tend to sell based on the property and quality, rather than their launch month. If a console were to launch during non-holiday season, it is more than likely that a good price and appealing product could sell more than enough consoles.”

“Nintendo has stated that it would share more information on the Nintendo NX next year, but did not say specify whether we would see this initial information at E3 or beforehand. With Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem seemingly being the only 2016 release for the Wii U, Nintendo could absolutely announce the NX officially at an event in February, then continue to slowly release information on the console leading up to E3 (through Nintendo Directs and small press-releases). Then, with a massive showing at E3 2016, the company could surely launch the NX in late July or early August.”

Read the full article over at Nintendo Enthusiast.

  • wiiu4life

    NX is a handhel look at the last line of the shinen interview.

    Shin’en boss Manfred Linzner, sat down with We Are Just Gamers to discuss Fast Racing Neo for Wii U. Get a few snippets of the interview below.

    Linzner on possible DLC for Fast Racing Neo:

    “We want to release all content we created at launch of the game.”

    Linzner on the type and style of music for the game:

    “For the music in FRN we tried a fresh style. We wanted something that could sound like from an 2015 Arcade Game. We really love how the music developed for the game. We plan to release the soundtrack at a later date.”

    Linzner on the possibility of Fast Racing Neo coming to another system like Nano Assault Neo (PS4, Wii U, 3DS):

    “We currently have no plans to bring FRN to another system. However, I think a futuristic racer on a new handheld would be great.”

    • metroidkong

      Unless he’s referring to the New 3DS, which is still technically new.

    • Spice’71

      I think they are condensing the WII U gamepad into a hand held. If they can do that and then transfer all existing WII U software into cartridges then they already have a.massive library to start with.

  • WSJ4L

    Nope. The Wii U wouldn’t even be 4 years old at that point. I can almost smell the Wii U owners being burned…

  • Eric

    I have never heard of ANY electronics company announcing a product one month, and then releasing it the next. Not only would such a move be unprecedented, but it would also be quite foolish, if not downright impossible. The production and manufacturing of such units would have to be going on months beforehand. Secondly, it would make Nintendo seem desperate and rushed. Since they obviously don’t want a repeat of the Wii U’s situation, the LAST thing they would do is launch the system literally the month after they announced it

    Plus, if they did, then what would be their Holiday Season hitters? This whole idea doesn’t make sense to me. To my knowledge, a console has never been released in the summer, has it? Correct me if I’m wrong.

    I honestly expect the NX-whatever it ends up being called-to launch Holiday 2017. That seems the most logical in my mind. It’s announced next year at E3, then elaborated on and launch games fully showcased at E3 2017, and launched the following Fall/Christmas. If Nintendo wants the NX to have a robust start, then they’ll have to take their time, and get all their ducks lined up.

  • NintendoPower

    Too soon. It’d make Nintendo look desperate. I don’t think they’d do it. Bushido style.

  • awang0718


  • CapableTie

    Maybe if they advertised the heck out of Zelda at e3, and made it a launch title. I bet a lot of people who don’t own a Wii U would go straight to the NX.
    It’s unlikely though, I know.

  • Jon Turner

    July next year? Probably not; it would be too early, plus the games wouldn’t really be ready to go by then. I’d rather they do so either next holiday or at least sometime next year. Don’t want a repeat of WiiU.

  • Shion
  • Spice’71

    I love it, all this speculation… So exciting

  • Travis Touchdown

    Speculation, speculation, speculation, speculation, based on rumors, which came from unreliable sources anyway, which were based on click bait journalists deliberately taking what Nintendo said out of context.

    That means it’s totally going to happen .