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Nintendo NX coming in 2016? | M. Productions


Andy from M. Productions rounds up all the information we know about the Nintendo’s next system, the NX. Check out the video below, it’s very well done. If you don’t like NX articles I suggest you SKIP this video, or ignore it. Subscribe to M. Productions for more awesome content!

PE X Nintendo #88 | Nintendo’s Possible Fusion System Patent

PE X Nintendo 88 MS

Speculation is running wild that Nintendo’s next system codenamed the Nintendo NX will not have an optical drive based on a patent that was recently revealed. However, the system patent shows the console will have a disc card slot. I take a look at this patent and go over all the fine details! Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Q & Andrew - What Do I Hope the Nintendo NX Will Be? | Andrew Eisen

Andrew Eisen

Andrew Eisen runs down what he would like the Nintendo NX to be. If you don’t like NX articles please ignore or skip this video. 

Nintendo’s Featureless Updates stop with the NX… I Think | PlayerEssence


For the past decade Nintendo has gotten real use to releasing new firmware updates that DON’T add any new features to their home consoles. I think this trend stops with the Nintendo NX. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

What to Expect from the Nintendo NX - GamingBolt


GamingBolt’s Pramath Parijat runs down a host of topics concerning the Nintendo NX. Specs, third-party support, games…. and more are all discussed. Check it out on GamingBolt here, then come back to PE to discuss. 

Square Enix open to Bringing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to the Nintendo NX


Square Enix and Nintendo “seem” to have something going with the Nintendo NX, because another game could be heading to Nintendo next system. According to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s producer Naoki Yoshida, he is open to bringing his game to the NX. Yoshida is waiting to know when the console will be released, and Nintendo’s policies when it comes to cross-platform play (which Nintendo is open to on Wii U/3DS). Just remember, the negotiations have not started yet, and Yoshida is also open to bringing the game to Xbox One. Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Dualshockers 

What Dragon Quest XI Means for Nintendo NX? - GameXplain Discussion


The GameXplain guys discuss Dragon Quest XI coming to the Nintendo NX.

Source: GameXplain

Dragon Quest XI will run on Unreal Engine 4


Another tidbit of news from the Dragon Quest XI announcement today is the game will be running on Unreal Engine 4 for the PS4/NX versions.  The game will be a traditional JRPG with a massive world to explore, enemies to battle and bosses to vanquish.  A release window was set for 2016, as it’s the 30 year anniversary of the classic franchise.  Via: VGChartz

The Zen Garden: Zen’s Nintendo NX/9th Generation Hitlist - Zen Gamer


Nintendo has stated numerous times that they will be revealing the true form of “Codename NX” in 2016, presumably at E3. However there are a number of things that I’d personally like to see them do to improve their systems, services and overall experience.

Source: Zen Gamer

Dragon Quest X & Dragon Quest XI are Coming to the Nintendo NX


Yo! Rumors busted in one big swoop. Square Enix’s official press release for Dragon Quest XI says that the company is “considering launching on Nintendo’s in development NX platform”. At the Dragon Quest presentation this morning, Square Enix said both Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are coming to the Nintendo NX.

Nintendo hasn’t formally announced the Nintendo NX, so Square Enix couldn’t say too much, (or maybe they weren’t supposed to say too much) but it looks like Dragon Quest is coming to Nintendo next system.

Via: Nintendo Everything, Ars Technica, Gematsu 

Discussion - 10 Things We Want From Nintendo NX (PT1 + 2) w/ RogersBase


TheBitBlock and Rogers have uploaded two videos discussing 10 things they want to see out of the Nintendo’s NX.

Source: TheBitBlock, RogersBase

Pokken Tournament Confirmed for the United States, Possible Wii U or NX Release? | PlayerEssence

pokken- header

Dave & Busters has confirmed that Pokken Tournament will be heading to the United States in their arcades. But that leaves the question if the game will eventually make its way to a Nintendo console? Francis discusses the news below. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

More Hints AMD is Powering the Nintendo NX’s Processor


While nothing is confirmed at this time, evidence is building that AMD will power the Nintendo NX’s processor. Here are some tidbits from a VentureBeat article on the matter.

- AMD has won a third semi-custom chip design
- the promise of these chip designs is that they could yield products that could generate a billion dollars in sales
- AMD would have to enable a way for the new console to use software translation in order to run older Wii and Wii U games

The following comes from Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy

- “I think it’s a very high probability (of AMD pairing with Nintendo) unless Nintendo goes Android where I would expect them to go with Nvidia.”

Via: GoNintendo, Source: VentureBeat

Nintendo NX: A response to AGL + how perception impacts it - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth discusses what he feels the NX should do to push the video game medium forward.

Source: Butterworthy

AGL Active Topics - 7 Features NX Needs to Succeed! - ActiveGamerLife

Active Gamer Life

The Red Knight has another FANTASTIC episode of AGL Active Topics! Trust me, you want to watch this, the intro is excellent.

Source: ActiveGamerLife

Could Nintendo Launch the Nintendo NX Successfully in July? - Nintendo Enthusiast


Our friends over at Nintendo Enthusiast have posted an interesting article, discussing the possibility of Nintendo launching their next system in July compared to the holiday seasons. If you don’t like NX/sales talk, please ignore this article. Check out a few snippets below.

“If Nintendo sees 60% of its sales in the fall, it may seem at first glance that the holiday season would be the ideal time to launch a product. If we dig deeper, however, this may not necessarily be so true. Perhaps the reason why the holiday is so successful is because of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nintendo’s biggest games (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros) tend to launch in the holiday, so of course it makes sense that during this period of the year sales are far higher than during the spring or summer months.”

“A great example of this is Mario Kart 8, which launched in May, and is the highest-selling Wii U game to date. Fire Emblem Awakening and Bravely Default, both February launches, performed very well in the States. It seems like games tend to sell based on the property and quality, rather than their launch month. If a console were to launch during non-holiday season, it is more than likely that a good price and appealing product could sell more than enough consoles.”

“Nintendo has stated that it would share more information on the Nintendo NX next year, but did not say specify whether we would see this initial information at E3 or beforehand. With Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem seemingly being the only 2016 release for the Wii U, Nintendo could absolutely announce the NX officially at an event in February, then continue to slowly release information on the console leading up to E3 (through Nintendo Directs and small press-releases). Then, with a massive showing at E3 2016, the company could surely launch the NX in late July or early August.”

Read the full article over at Nintendo Enthusiast.

Splatoon Sales Cross 1 Million, how can Nintendo Build Upon this for NX?

Splatoon 1 Milllion MS

Nintendo has revealed Splatoon sales have broken 1 million units worldwide. Console sales got a bump as well. While it might be too little, to late, what can Nintendo do to ensure the NX gets games like Splatoon earlier? Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Nintendo NX: Separating fact from Fiction, and some Speculation! - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworthy discusses the mass amounts of rumors and speculations surround the NX.

Source: Butterworthy

ActiveGamerLife Podcast #39 - Nintendo like solution for NX

Active Gamer Life

The Red Knight, Terminator Juice and Mizzah Tee discuss a host of topics in the world of Nintendo.

Source: ActiveGamerLife

Unseen64 says the Nintendo NX is not Aiming to Compete Against PS4 on a Power Level


Unseen64’s Liam Robertson, has stated that Nintendo’s upcoming gaming device codenamed “NX”, will not be looking to compete with the PS4 on a “power level”.

When pressed about whether the NX is console or handheld, Tamaki would not reveal.

Nintendo Looking to Surprise with the NX, Doesn’t mark the end of Wii U/3DS Games


Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata has discussed the surprising customers with the Nintendo NX. However, with the NX’s arrival, Iwata says that doesn’t mark the end of Wii U/3DS games.

Nintendo Starting Pilot Productions on Nintendo NX in October for 2016 Launch - Rumor


An article in the DigiTimes has stated that Nintendo is set to launch their next console, codenamed the NX, in July of 2016. The console will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics, while Pegatron Technology will be trying to receive some of the orders. Apparently, the orders are set to be complete around February or March of 2016, with major production starting in May/June for a July launch. They’re looking to ship 20 million units in the first year….. which is just a little bit over the 2 million the Wii U has shipped this year (sarcasm). Remember, this is a rumor, but it does seem we could be seeing a 2016 launch for the NX with software coming to Wii U AND NX. Via: GoNintendo, Source: DigitTimes