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Nintendo NX: Separating fact from Fiction, and some Speculation! - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworthy discusses the mass amounts of rumors and speculations surround the NX.

Source: Butterworthy

Author: Francis@PE (18951 Posts)

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    I agree with Butterworthy’s reasoning on why the NX might be less powerful that a PS4. But if this IS the case, then it’ll get no 3rd party support, which’ll mean it’ll be lucky to break 10M units. Hopefully, Nintendo realise how crucial 3rd party support is.
    Also, this video’s analysis is too simplistic, he’s basically saying that making a less powerful system will guarantee better sales, and vica versa. Hmm, the Wii U’s got something to say about that. Power’s not important, but 3rd party support is, and they’re going to demand a certain level of power, or tell Nintendo to f**k off.