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Does StarFox Zero Really Need Online Multiplayer? - Rule of 2 Review


Rule of 2 Review discusses whether Star Fox Zero needs online multiplayer.

Source: Rule of 2 Review

  • hawkssuns08

    It would benefit GREATLY from having online and would add a lot of playtime hours for a vast majority of people. This is the perfect game to have it.

  • CapableTie

    I think what this game needs is a delay. And to answer the question no but it’s really ridiculous they didn’t plan on having online from the beginning. Even the 3DS remake has it.

  • ActivesiN

    its 2015, why is this even a question anymore, yes this game should have online multi player
    even star fox command had online multi player

  • Kidking17

    Does the game need online? No no game really does.
    Would I be really happy if this game had it? Hell yes!
    Plus online makes sense for this game.