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PlayerEssence Daytime Writer Needed (10 AM PT - 5 PM PT)


This post will be stuck to the top for today, new updates will be posted underneath. 

PlayerEssence is looking for an intern writer to help out during the hours through (10 AM Pacific Time - 5 PM Pacific Time). Although basic WordPress knowledge would be great, it’s not required. Email me at: [email protected] if you are interested in getting more details (pay, article count, ect). 

  • Travis Touchdown

    Do we really need articles to be uploaded 24/7? I’d rather not have a repeat of the TLH situation. I like things the way they are now.

    • Guidosaur

      What was the TLH situation? You mean when y’all didn’t like her opinion articles and made her mad enough to leave the site forever lol?

    • PRIMUS

      TLH left. Iiked that young lady.

      • CapableTie

        TLH14? I was wondering why she left, it’s a shame she did.

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      It wouldnt be 24 7

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    I might be interested, I’ll let you know later