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Nintendo of America Talks Devil’s Third, 5 Mobile Games from Nintendo by 2017 - WiR 7/11/15

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“Happy 7-11 Day and welcome to the latest Week in Review! In this weeks episode Shawn goes over the craziness that is Devil’s Third in North America, Square Enix’s strange thinking habits, and much more!”

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

  • wiiu4life

    I don’t get it. Off the books an alleged source which can’t be named says they are not publishing it. Then the official word directly from Nintendo is that they are going to be publishing it and talking about it soon. But the sites that brought us these rumors are so gung ho on proving they know more about the inner worings of Nintendo than they do.

    • Travis Touchdown

      It’s really important for them to keep the ‘NX is going to RUIN Nintendo’ narrative going. Unseen64 was the first to state that the system wasn’t going to be all that impressive, so there are people who are going to defend him just because he said that.