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Reggie Fils-Aime Comments on Satoru Iwata’s Passing


Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime has commented on Satoru Iwata’s passing.

“Mr. Iwata is gone, but it will be years before his impact on both Nintendo and the full video game industry will be fully appreciated. He was a strong leader for our company, and his attributes were clear to most everyone: Intelligence, creativity, curiosity and sense of humor. But for those of us fortunate enough to work closely with him, what will be remembered most were his mentorship and, especially, his friendship. He was a wonderful man. He always challenged us to push forward…to try the new…to upset paradigms—and most of all, to engage, excite and endear our fans. That work will continue uninterrupted.”

Via: Nintendo Everything

  • chrgby

    I really hope there are people out there in the world that reacted to this as severely as I did.

    On the one hand, with the kind of shape I was in last night, those people would’ve looked a pathetic sight to most anyone. On the other hand, it would mean that the extraordinary pith of Satoru Iwata penetrated through all the interviews, discussions, Directs, etc. and impacted more people than just me. And it’s a truly profound impact.

    Iwata Asks, just one of the many initiatives he himself founded for Nintendo… They saved my days on many occasions. Those smart and insightful, yet entirely unpretentious conversations took bad vibes of mine, and changed them completely. Very, very negative, cynical thoughts and outlooks on gaming, media and more. And Iwata Asks actually managed to dispel that despair, put pep in my step… And make me happy.

    I thought to myself so many times how insane it was that someone like him could possibly exist: That the most senior EXECUTIVE of one of the world’s oldest and most influential corporate firms could be so decent, modest, a technical genius, someone who understood the creative medium of video games, AND looked up to people like Miyamoto as much as any Nintendo fan… Always seeking to deepen an already unfathomably vast intuition and expertise that few could ever hope to match. Sadly, it seems fate was eavesdropping on me in all my awe, and finally woke up to the insanity of it as well.

    I obviously hope for the best when it comes to Nintendo’s future, but even if they do by some divine miracle find someone with as brilliant a mind and soul to continue the legacy, it doesn’t change the loss of a man who was so, so far beyond exceptional. He is truly a singular force of good and hope in this medium, and I must maintain that he is the best CEO to have ever lived. And even if he isn’t literally THE most influential person in the history of the industry, I can personally say that I respected no man, woman or child more.

    I honestly wish I could give my life for his. Here’s hoping the pinnacle of genius and passion hasn’t just vanished in the enigmatic abyss of death.

  • Micah Ma-at Maragh

    I 100% agree with what reggie is saying. Iwata never got the respect he deserved for all the effort he has done and how much he has pushed nintendo forward even before he was president. Not to mention his second to none business morals which meant him taking a pay cut so his employees could keep their jobs. This man is an example not just for gaming but for life overall and business and all people ever said about him was he needs to be fired, fired for what, wanting to do his best to provide the best gaming experiences for all people. Not nickel and diming people through microtransactions and poorly implemented dlc or giving you broken generic games. The man was not perfect but I would be hard pressed to find another CEO in this gaming industry that has these same morals and that same love and passion for gaming and for gamers, I doubt you will really find them so easy. RIP Satoru Iwata, you were the gaming president we all needed in this industry but unfortunately did not deserve.

  • Mr.Lone Hunter

    “but it will be years before his impact on both Nintendo and the full video game industry will be fully appreciated”

    I’m already seeing people stepping on this man grave because they don’t know anything about his background, his accomplishment, and most importantly his positive input on Nintendo as a company that for some reason they ignored and focused more on his failures, which just shows you the disgusting level of intelligence and attitude that the modern gamers has.

  • donzaloog

    Well said, Reggie. We can all hope to be like Iwata.

  • Prime313

    I didn’t see the news until late last night. This whole series of event has been profoundly sad. Iwata truly cared about what he did. He not only moved Nintendo forward in a bold way, but also managed to excellently preserve the “charm” that Nintendo has had since their arrival in the video game industry. He will be sorely missed. My condolences and prayers go to Iwata, his family, his friends, and his coworkers.

    Man, I’m not entirely sure, but wouldn’t Iwata’s name still be listed in the credits for most of Nintendo’s upcoming games that he was the executive producer for? I’m so used to games ending with his name heh. Just further building on an already massive legacy I guess.

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    smart comment Reggie as always …Iwata was an example for many to follow including our children.