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PE Fan Cast #1 - Wii U, NX & RPGs - Livestream (12 PM ET)


Jon Turner and myself host the first ever PE Fan Cast! We’ll be discussing a range of topics from NX, Wii U and more.

Source: PlayerEssence

  • GeneralBrown178

    Great podcast you two, I would love to join the next one but ill be out of town on that week :(

  • JaxonH

    Nice Podcast guys. @Jon Turner Interesting to get some insight in how you came around to expand your gaming horizons. I absolutely love Nintendo but there’s no reason to cheat yourself out of all the other games out there too. You can be a diehard Nintendo fan and still enjoy games on Playstation and Xbox. I know I do. I may play my Nintendo systems 80% of the time, others may play at 50% and some even 20%. The bottom line is play would you like, platform shouldn’t matter.

    • Jon Turner

      Thank you! You know, I think a better subtitle for my intro is “Confessions of a Nintendo Fan”. LOL!

  • ednice

    Finally got to one of these live.

  • person

    Damn, I always miss these streams. How many hours in advance does Francis announce these? I think I always miss them because I (GMT) am 7 hours ahead of him. Francis needs to do his streams in the morning… :(

    • CapableTie

      You can follow him on Google plus, he announced it a few days ago.


    Jon Turner, representing the truth.

  • Kidking17

    Waow I am really enjoying this podcast, JTurner great job dude!

    I think you should do more fan crossovers, it’s really cool.

    • Jon Turner

      Thank you! I really appreciate the compliments! I really quite enjoyed doing this one.


    We are on this.