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Star Fox Zero will have amiibo Support Surprise, Miyamoto Discusses Successors


Nintendo games boss Shigeru Miyamoto, discussed how Star Fox Zero will have some surprises with amiibo. Miyamoto also discussed the future of Nintendo titles.

WSJ: Will there be amiibo for “Star Fox Zero”?

Miyamoto: There will be one new amiibo, the character Falco. He’s part of the “Super Smash Bros.” line but also a “Star Fox” character. You’ll get something — it’s a surprise.

WSJ: Is there a successor ready to take over your work when you retire?

Miyamoto: I have many. In the past, I would often have ideas for games that I would want to create and I would tell the different teams that work for me to make the games. I’ve been working with my teams for a long time. “Splatoon” is an example—the idea came from the youngerr members of that team. At the senior level, we supported them. So that’s how we are transitioning.

Via: GoNintendo, Source: WSJ

Author: Francis@PE (19058 Posts)

  • ImperiusNovus

    What could the amiibo be used for… the “surprise” quote creates much wonder…..

    • FierceGauge82

      There will be an actual arwing amiibo. Mark my words.

      • ImperiusNovus

        I will keep that in mind… if your words spoken live with truth, it will be confirmed that you hold the ability to have visions!

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    lets hope Iwata picked a successor behind the scenes …Star Fox will be amazing I have no doubts as always i love Star Fox.

    • donzaloog

      I’m hoping the same. That when he realized he was sick, he started training somebody behind the scenes.

      • Hardin Twentyfive

        The fact that he worked over a year after he got treated for it around E3 2014 until his death, knowing he was still not 100%, I know he had to have a successor. Probably that guy from the Japanese Direct in May?

        • Eric

          Hardin, I think you’re right. Iwata probably picked somebody as soon as he got the news of his illness-I’m hoping-and had a plan in case he passed. With a company as large as Nintendo, I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t have a contingency plan should anything happen to him.

    • ImperiusNovus

      The incident surely left a bit of fear among the industry.
      Perhaps it explains why Miyamoto was given that last question.

      • Bernadet Gnuyen

        I would take Miyamoto as President.

        • ImperiusNovus

          That seems like a possibility. There is possibly a line of successors similar to the one given to Miyamoto. It is far from unreasonable to predict that Miyamoto is one of dozens considered for the position.