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Comcast & EA Launch new Games Streaming Service “XFINITY Games”


Comcast and Electronic Arts are joining forces to launch XFINITY Games, a new video game streaming service. There will be 23 games initially offered, which include: Monopoly, FIFA Soccer 13, NBA JAM, Plants VS Zombies, World of Goo, Zuma’s Revenge and PGA Tour. More games will be added as time goes on. Full details can be found here.

  • person

    The website says the service will ‘count against your comcast plan’, read: ‘add a large amount to your internet bill’. It also says it will use tablets as controllers. OK, I can really see FPS and RPG fans climbing over each other to control their games with touch controls. I’m not even sure Comcast exists outside the USA, in short, this idea is either competently moronic, or released 6-10 years too early (which is also completely moronic).

    EDIT: I understand that digital sales/ streaming is the future and will allow publishers to increase profits due to no used games sales and reduced expenses. I want to make this clear, I will fully support this push, IF it leads to:
    a) games being more convenient to buy and play
    b) games being AT LEAST $10/£7 cheaper than physical sales, and priced depending on the play time given: i.e, I’ll pay £50 for the Witcher 3, but only £25 for a call of duty game.
    c) games no longer are ruined by buggy releases, microtransactions and rip-off DLC (DLC that is actually WORTH THE MONEY is 100% acceptable).

    If any new futuristic way of distributing video games doesn’t lead to all of these, then count me out.

  • awang0718

    This doesn’t require a console, does it??

  • Wonder Dean

    Now I can ignore two shitty companies for the price of one!

  • koopzilla

    Oh boy, two of my least favorite companies ever teaming up, can’t wait!!!

  • ImperiusNovus

    Aren’t both Comcast and EA massively hated companies? I wonder will be the results of this service that involves a form disliked by most gamers?

  • dacomentr

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they screw Sony and Microsoft by being like “Nope! won’t release games on your next consoles, don’t need them anymore, thanks”

  • getagrip

    enjoy everybody massive lag,controller lag and a feeling of complete detatchment

    streaming video yes-streaming games NO it doesnt work its a detatched laggy sloppy experience