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Peter Moore Explains why Star Wars Battlefront Doesnt have a Full Single-player Campaign


Star Wars Battlefront will not have a full single-player campaign like previous games in the franchise. EA COO Peter Moore explains why below.

“Very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games” going on with “that’s what the data points too.”

Star Wars Battlefront launches this November on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: TheGamesCabin

Author: Francis@PE (19567 Posts)

  • Blake Wigert

    A game without singleplayer is like a car with 3 wheels. Eventually servers will be shut down and then you have a completely worthless game and GameStop will buy it for a couple cents if they even take it.

  • Mythosa

    Not sure about that.
    There are those people out there of course, but if they are just looking at hours or something like that, of course that would be the outcome. More hours will be put into multiplayer for the most part, but that’s not to say those same people won’t play the single player campaign.


    As I shall be playing Xenoblade Chronicles X and Devils’s third. Grinning at my fellow xboxone and PS4 gamers. PS4 only getting games when my last guardian is released.

  • RickyDelRio

    This really sucks. I really loved Titanfall but took major points away for having no campaign. (no I don’t count what they call a campaign, a campaign) Seem like this is a new EA thing.

  • getagrip


    YA DONT SAY WISE GUY cod-destiny-bf all have shitty single players to play them would be a sign of mental illness

    splatoons single player is fantastic BECAUSE ITS BASED ON GAMEPLAY AND MECHANICS not a on rails movie story thats full of SHIT….

  • Wegotexclusives

    Oh Peter! Don’t poop on my cereal and the call them raisings! We all know that if the game had a campaign everyone would had eat it up. You just did not added cuz a single player campaign would have to force the game to not have DRM.

  • Ryuken13

    As usual, absolute bullshit from Peter Moore. The only reason many do not play single player campaign on ” these kinds of games” is the fact that they are either omitted from the game or no effort is put into the single player campaign and the single player campaign is a half ass story and a short ass experience..

    • Mythosa

      That’s exactly right. Take some games like the Arkham series, they have far more effort put into the single player, plus have good stories that encourage players to play through the single player campaign. If the effort is put in, players will play it.

      • Ryuken13

        Agreed. Peter Moore is not doing true statistical analysis. He picks 1 poll that meets what he wants to do and goes with it. Other polls or perhaps a larger pool of people polled may prove differently..

        No different from the USA and their fictional “statistics” about unemployment and Obamacare.

  • Gearchin

    umm, Star wars is ripe for story line single player, even if the “main game” is multiplayer. that’s a shitty excuse to not include single player in a story driven universe. Their data is wrong, didn’t work out too well for titanfall in the long run , but since they plastered Star wars on the game cover it will have some following.