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Dragon Quest XI | 3DS and PS4 Screenshots Looking Good


Check out these new screenshots for Dragon Quest XI on PS4 and 3DS. They are looking quite good.

Via: Gematsu

Author: Francis@PE (19557 Posts)

  • ednice

    I’m about to start V, hopefully I’ll like this series

  • http://youtube.com/paidenthusiast paidenthusiast

    I can’t wait to see how this is gonna look on the NX. Assuming it’s a home console, I hope it looks either on par with the PS4 version or even better

  • Kidking17

    Looks like the PS4 is going to become the console of choice for RPG fans, the 3DS is already the Handheld of choice for RPGS

  • *NormalGamer*

    Really love the blend of both the 2D on the bottom screen and 3D on the top screen on the 3DS version. ^_^

  • FalconLawnch

    Looks awesome. I hope the Unreal Engine version is also purely turn-based with seamless battles instead of something like DQX.