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Fire Emblem Fates - Major Breakdown Between the Different Versions


Fire Emblem Fates will have vast differences between the two versions and 3rd story. Get a detailed breakdown below. 

- 15 main characters that appear in both versions of the game
- additional 26 appearing exclusive to Conquest
- additional 27 appearing exclusive to Birthright
- several have a job class specific to them
- Birthright’s cast includes a bisexual female who can enter into a lesbian relationship with your avatar if she is female
- Conquest has a bisexual male who can fall in love with a male avatar character
- castles look different in these two versions and they produce different resources
- in Birthright, the objectives are almost exclusively “kill all enemies” or “defeat the enemy general”
- in Conquest, the objectives are more complex, tasking you to catch enemies, win within a time limit, defend a point or location, or break through enemy lines, all in addition to the mission types in Birthright
- Birthright allows you to replay missions (with slight changes to the enemy’s composition)
- Birthright allows you to level up/gain money whenever you want
- Conquest relegates you to the 28 story missions, the castle defense missions, and any paralogues you are able to unlock
- in Conquest, this makes for a finite amount of money/exp

Invisible Kingdom DLC

- recruit 67 of Fates’ 68 main characters along with an additional character only available in Invisible Kingdom
- mission objectives have a similar variety to Conquest
- like in Birthright, you are able to replay missions to farm exp and gold

Source: GoNintendo

Author: Francis@PE (19540 Posts)