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Resident Evil 2 Remake is Official, Capcom is Doing it


Fans have been clamoring for a Resident Evil 2 remake for a long time, and Capcom has complied. The company has uploaded a short clip announcing the project has been approved and is in development.

Source: Resident Evil

Author: Francis@PE (19539 Posts)

  • alex9234

    *looks at platform listing: Xbone*
    Oh, Capcom, you so cray cray! Enjoy bankruptcy!
    For those of you who don’t believe that 3rd parties would rather go bankrupt instead of supporting Nintendo, here’s exhibit #1.

  • Nin12gage

    I wish they put this on wii u as a downloadable game at least

  • getagrip

    what a awful and silly reveal,capcom come across desperate,shallow and as if they havnt the slightest idea were to go next

    there almost bust and are doing these ports remakes,there only profitabke current series is monster hunter

  • Wegotexclusives

    Hopefully it will be up to gamecube stardarts instead of this gen standarts.

  • Jon Turner

    Interesting. I wonder if this will come to Nintendo’s NX? I personally think it should; RE has a fan base on Nintendo consoles. True, it didn’t do well on WiiU, but I think this would be perfect for NX, especially if this remake isn’t due for another two years or so.

    • Wegotexclusives

      Why would a a horrible handheld port do good on wiiu?

      • Jon Turner

        You mean RE:R on WiiU? Well, it actually wasn’t a terrible port at all. It plays pretty smoothly and I didn’t notice any particularly grating qualities about it. I guess Capcom didn’t do enough to make it stand out so much, I dunno.

        But RE2 Remake would be awesome, especially if the NX was an easy to port to system like PS4 and XB1. The fact that DQXI, which runs on UE4 is happening on it is promising.

        • getagrip

          wiiu is a easy port to system

          • Jon Turner

            Only for PS3/XB1 style projects. Not PS4/XB1 projects, though; and chances are this remake will go to those two systems. But if NX can handle that game with no problem and is a success, it should be ported.

  • person

    Hopefully RE 3 (quite likely) and code veronica will follow. TBH, I kinda wanted Capcom to combine REs 2 and 3 into one, as they are basically 2 parts of the same plot.
    EDIT: Just realised: More games= more money! 😛

    • Kidking17

      I agree, if they remake 2 might as well remake the other 2 games

  • Wanderlei

    I wish they left it alone, tbh.

  • Kidking17

    This made my day. Now to play the waiting game