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Final Fantasy XIV Could be Coming to the NX! What’s up Between Square and NIntendo? | PE NewZ


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn could head to Nintendo’s new system codenamed NX. I discuss that game and how Nintendo and Square Enix seem to warming up to each other. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Author: Francis@PE (19557 Posts)

  • Chris

    didn’t Sony sell all of its shares of Square -Enix? Maybe that has something to do with it, or maybe this is the pre console hype phase? Or since the new final fantasy and Kingdom Hearts been in development forever they need to branch out to Nintendo to recoup some of the funds they been sinking into those games, or possible some weird mixture of all three. Hopefully Nintendo will get atleast as much support from SE that Microsoft gets, since Nintendo’s fanbase is more inclined to buy the products.

    • Jon Turner

      It depends on how things go, but yes, supporting Nintendo WOULD be a valuable idea. We should be pushing for this to happen, not for it to NOT happen.

      • Chris

        o don’t get me wrong, I am all for it

  • Jon Turner

    In before people come in here and say it’s never going to happen OR that we should say FU to SE to punish them for all those years they avoided us Nintendo fans….

  • FalconLawnch

    I think most of their enthusiasm may have to do with the possibility of a handheld version of the NX hardware. Japan doesn’t seem to be interested in traditional home consoles anymore, so Square-Enix will need to release their expensive 8th gen console projects on a handheld to maximize profits in their home market.

    Either that or Nintendo are really putting in work to drum up support behind the scenes.

    • getagrip

      could he that nx is both or somthing new either a dual system or a handheld hybrid theres so many ways this can end up…hell even a i-product range of products like apple

      do we really need big boxs under the tv anymore,people dont have stereos anymore or seperates

      everythings going small-mobile, cannot wait to see what nx is