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Castlevania Lords of Shadow Developer Pitched a Metroid Prototype to Nintendo (Wii U/3DS) - Report


The developers behind Castlevania Lords of Shadow, MercurySteam, reportedly pitched a Metroid prototype to Nintendo for Wii U and 3DS. The game was a first person Metroid adventure where you could play as Samus or one of seven bounty hunters a la Metroid Prime Hunters. It seems the project was shot down from Nintendo, but MercurySteam planned that it could be not approved and repurposed the IP. Check out Liam Robertson’s video on the matter below.

Source: Tamaki

Author: Francis@PE (19566 Posts)

  • ednice

    Samus would look way cooler than “cigar man” sitting between all that tech, but whatever the game is still happening and personally I’m way more excited for whatever it is if it might have started as a Metroid pitch.

  • Macreen Smith

    inb4 “Nintendo scraps this idea but does Federation Force”

  • Travis Touchdown


    Confirmed to be bullshit.

    This man is NOT a reliable source of information. I’ve even been planning on compiling a list of everything we know he’s been wrong about, it’s simply getting that much out of hand.

    To put it simply, everything we have been able to verify ourselves about various statements he’s made, particularly about upcoming projects, has shown that he’s a lying fraud.

  • Shadao

    If it’s true, I say their idea is, how do I put it, playing safe and a carbon copy of Metroid Prime save for the other Bounty Hunters (which is nothing new). Can’t anyone think of making a third-person Metroid game these days?

    • Travis Touchdown

      It’s Tamaki. It’s not true.

      • Shadao

        Figure as much. Sounds too much like Metroid Prime to be considered a pitch.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I am somewhat glad it was turned down considering Mecurysteams spotty trackrecord with the Castlevania LoS games

  • Exposer

    “Our next proyect wont be neither on a Nintendo console” - David Cox leader of MercurySteam.
    “The 2D Castlevanias are dead” - David Cox director of Lord of Shadows 2
    These is Ironic and pisses the living sheep out of me.