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ZG Comedy: Bayonetta, Jelly & Lots of Salt - PE Network


What’s the best recipe for humor? Well, add some Bayonetta, then stir in large dollops of Jelly and then the Master Ingredient: SALT. Lots of freaking Salt!! As a side note, this is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen…. lol, bravo Zen, bravo. Subscribe to the Zen Gamer here!


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  • Bigdog1991

    What's up guys. I been away for awhile because my computer crash, and with that said the SALT IS VERY REAL. Those whining little bi#$%# xbots and ponies are crying so hard. I been making fun of them for awhile now. I even had to put my friend or not really my friend anymore because he's butt hurt I like Nintendo and he is mad about me not swearing allegiance to Sony. But he's a lazy piece of crap and he will eventually get kick out of his dad house. But the main point these morons are always crying about games coming exclusive to Nintendo platforms. My question to them is what's wrong with all the games coming to the playstation and xbox.

  • SoccerStar9001

    Anyone seen the Bayonetta 2 boycott website?

    • GreenMissile4


      People are PATHETIC, man!

    • Saleem Rasul

      OMG its true, I had no idea the salt content was so high! lol

      What a bunch of losers.

  • ghettojournalist

    Out-freakin'-standing! Definite thumbs-up. "Shake it like a salt shaker."

  • Nightbolt

    Just when I thought Zen gamer couldn't top his other videos in comedy this one my goodness. Zen Gamer deserves a standing ovation for this. #operationplatinum