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Super Mario Maker ISN’T Racist, Look in the Mirror | PE RantZ

Super MM R MS

Business Insider claims that Super Mario Maker is racist. But I think they need to look in the damn mirror before they start making silly claims. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

  • chrgby

    Dude, this is a great video because it gets at something that isn’t noticed or discussed enough: “Social Justice” publications and individuals do NOT have the values they profess to have. It’s all bullshit and pretense. PRE. TENSE. Such a great word, for there’s so much of it in the world!

    I gotta shout-out RetroDeath, who has possibly the best tagline on all of YouTube: “Stay Real”. The entire SJW phenomenon is a perfect example of total failure to stay real. How is it that we have this emerging majority of supposedly progressive people in America, yet the Democratic party gets slaughtered in mid-terms time and time again? Why is America’s Congress controlled by the Republicans if “progressive” people are a majority? Because it’s all based on pretense. They’ll vote the black guy in as President because he’s excitingly black! NOT because of his character. “I’m hip, I voted for the black guy!” But then they don’t give a shit what the guy has to say, his policy, or voting for people who will share and advance his policies. They’d rather stay home and blog about how Super Mario Maker triggered them into cutting themselves.

    In other words, they don’t actually advance or work towards the progressive values they CLAIM to hold so dear, because they’re too preoccupied with the sexiness of what you could call “entertainment politics”. It’s not about having progressive convictions, but making sure that you make as many people as possible THINK you’re progressive, because faux-progressivism is sooo chic! No one actually cares about hiring more black people, but they sure do care a ton about trends and what they have to say to get noticed. Maybe it’s because they know a lot of blacks are too real to live in the same fantasy world these ACTUAL privileged white “journalists” where seeing a disembodied hand on the screen of any color than your own is life-scarring trauma.

    tumblr and all of Social Justice culture… It’s a writhing mass of desperate idiots looking for attention and doing anything they can to get it. They all want everyone else to know what special snowflakes they are, and nowadays, the way you prove just how special of a snowflake you are is by competing to see who can be the most fucking “OFFENDED” by some retarded bullshit. That’s why it’s such a mistake to frame the issue in terms of “Feminism VS. Video Games”, when it’s really “Narcissism and Megalomania VS. Video Games”. I don’t even believe it’s a calculated deception so much as it’s a complete and total consumption in hubris. They will say anything to make sure people know they’re on the hot new bandwagon.

  • Agt_Pendergast

    Francis, clearly you have internalized racism, and b/c of that are lashing out at the noble game journalists just trying to help. I drove past a community college once, I know what I’m talking about!

    I wonder if I should put this in sarcasm quotes….

  • DarkSideGamesInc

    How racist!

  • android138

    we need a shill list for the gaming industry. specifically for journalist pushing alternative agendas into gaming. these individuals need to be exposed and banned accordingly. IMO once ok three or four racist articles in one year. the journalist goes on the list for a year. all gamers ban him and his site.

    • Revolution5268

      Patcher is one of them.

  • NintendoPower

    I guess Mickey mouse is racist too… And the rest of Disney. Butlers… Drivers, Hamburger helper, Rayman… Omg. Everything is Racist! Aaaa

  • Wanderlei

    The most offensive thing about this dipshits inane criticism and crying about fake racism. That when there are instance of genuine racism that actually have an impact on peoples lives. It can get put in the same basket as this rubbish and gets discounted or ignored.