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ZG Comedy: Zen & The Internet React To The Character Reveals

“With Zelda and Sheik in, I was already a very happy man. But Sakurai decided to do me one better and put in another of my highly wished for characters, Lucina! Whom by the way I thought wouldn’t make it due to Marth’s return to the battle.” Subscribe to The Zen Gamer for more awesome videos.


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  • Kotor

    I still like to believe Shulk is getting in. At best, he's going to be a secret newcomer.

    • nin12Gage

      im thinking the same thing

  • TLH14

    Of course Sakurai Troll Face has no wrinkles.

    • PrimusOrion


  • Macreen

    I wouldn't count Shulk out of the game just yet.

  • Hardin25

    That's bold Zen. Very bold.
    Ridley's face instead of Shulk's would be the pic of the day.