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Scalebound goes Beast Mode, RASH Joins Killer Instinct Season Three! | PE NewZ

Microsoft brought out the big guns at Gamescom 2015. Platinum Games and Hideki Kamiya showed of Scalebound for the first time, while RASH from Battletoads fame joins KI Season 3! Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

  • getagrip

    the voice acting in scalebound is ghey as f%^k and people wonder why nintendo doesnt do this kinda shit

    its like a cheesy disney channel 3 year olds princess cartoon voice


    When I tell people that Microsoft is messed up and is not good for gaming. This is exactly what am aluding to. Paying to unlock two fighters at a time. Killer instinct used to be great.

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    yawns …looks like another cinematic experience coming at cha. wow they messed up Killer Instinct good job Microsoft.