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LogiKast: The Vitriolic Nature of Gamers Today - Recapture The “Spirit” of Gaming!

Gamers @ Large
This time The Zen Gamer and other members of The Gamers @ Large Network sit down to have an overdue, serious and down-to-earth discussion about the state of affairs in the Gaming-verse. We’ll also be covering the week’s news thus far and will answer viewer questions! Subscribe to the Zen Gamer for more awesome content.

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  • Ryuken13

    I really do not feel this is a gaming issue.. This anger/hate drama thing is more an electronic communications medium issue.. It is widespread and infecting so many different things it is unreasonable to isolate the issue as a "gamer issue".. People have communication issue and there are trolls, SJWs, and extremist all over the net.

    Correlating a widespread issue to gamers is simply unfair to them. The problem is everywhere.. I enjoy fitness.. Try finding a good fitness forum with zero trolls and haters. Does that mean fitness enthusiasts have a problem with anger or other issues? Perhaps like I hypothesize it is the communications medium.

    You see hate and crazy shit on almost all forums.. The combination of anonyminity, the addictiveness of social media, and the difficulties policing the internet make it a place for people to release their inner demons and vent.

    Go to Yahoo, Forbes, Huff Post, Fox News, CNN, your local electronic newspaper, and any other website with a widely used forum.. 9 times out of 10 you will find some crazy shit..

    There are many that do not have a good moral compass. If they can do something with no consequences they will.. This has led to all the drama on the net..

    It is what it is until people get used to the information and communications that come with electronic mediums.

    Best you can do is not contribute to the drama..

    • android138

      i completly, and respectfully disagree. this is something nintendo fans have been facing and talking about for years, and when it gaming journalism gets pulled into the front lines we are suppost to'' not contribute to the drama.'' dude im native american. you guys needs to stand against this crap even if it destroys your ego.i'm vary vocal n the local community and go to chapter house meeting on the reservation. i have seen what a group can do when they are united, only then will people realize the monstrous act they are doing. stop going to these sites. you hold more power and influence than you realize! use it for once. restrain yourself. but know when to unleash yourself also. but if you like the way things are than do nothing. and thats alright also. because i would'nt want children involved in the hate that goes on in the forums.just men children. gamers unite. gamers. but dont pass it off as drama. it's important. there is a reason why yellow journalism got boycotted. we as gamers need to do the same.

    • android138

      almost everything and anything can be labeled drama. just because you want to avoid the question doesnt mean everyone else should. everyone needs to make up there own minds on this one, even wounded knee started with drama. my two cents.

      • Ryuken13

        Avoid the question?? No.. Making a conscious choice to not contribute to the hate and bullshit on the internet in any way, gaming or otherwise is not avoiding the question. That is addressing the issue in the only truly meaningful way possible: Regulation of your own actions. You cannot control anyone else, especially in a virtual environment..

        My 2 points are: Anger issues and I said drama (broad description of various undesirable crap use your own definition to suit) are not limited to gaming and a widespread problem in electronic communications.

        We can all be hugs and talk the issue to death (like many do about 3rd party Nintendo support) and not a damn thing will be done. Or?? We can regulate our own behavior and choose to not contribute to the undesirable content on the net.. If enough people do that the fuck ups will become more marginalized from the norm and perhaps try to blend in by acting in a more appropriate fashion. One must remember sheep follow the herd..

        Standing up and uniting?? How is that going to change a unregulated form of communication that relies on anonyminity? Might make some feel better but that is like pissing on a forest fire..

        Also, I did not bring Nintendo or ethnicity into the issue. You were missing my point and neither are relevant to what I said.

        Also, "destroys your ego"?? Little over the top and any who's egos are potentially destroyed by something on the net are long overdue for an electronic disconnect and a strong cup of reality, followed by real interactions versus virtual.

        I do agree with your not visiting sites comment..

        Yellow journalism?? Quite alive and well if you open your eyes. The media has become quite a bit more selective and biased in what they report. Ask Donald Sterling.. Unauthorized (illegal) staged recordings of private conversations in his own home cost him a team when the bitch sold the tapes to TMZ.. Did he deserve to lose the team? Not going there perhaps he did. Just a total joke if you think yellow journalism has been boycotted lol. The guy from TMZ is a millionaire many times over from yellow journalism and people like Rich from Reviewtech or Jim from Jimquisition do quite well with sensationalized topics about the current flavor of the day.

        • android138

          hey, you put it out there. i was just disagreeing with your opinion. becuase i have my own. dont comment if you dont like that others have to say. i view the world different than you because i went threw somethig different.you have the right to consciously avoid it situation but don't generalize the situation for others. ''best you can do is not contribute to the drama.''

          • Ryuken13

            One thing I will certainly respect is your right to disagree.

            I also respect your opinion though it differs from mine. You do not have to but it does help others if you support your opinions in some sort of way. I can tell you my favorite color is green. Why? Really don't know, rendering that opinion of little weight in a debate or discussion.

            I can comment whenever I wish like you can.

            Also, disagreeing with someone does not always convert into a like/dislike scenario. I simply do not feel strongly enough to take it to that level when I read a response like yours on a forum. Your beliefs are different from mine but you are not being rude or attacking me in any way like some have on this forum.

            Also, I am not generalizing the situation.. I feel people are further marginalizing gamers into a niche.

            In my opinion, (again we can disagree) the problem is the communication medium not the hobbies you enjoy, beliefs, or cultural background. Also, not contributing to the hate/issues in gamer discourse is not avoiding the issue.. It is taking the issue head on and controlling the output of the only person you can truly control: yourself.

            Like I mentioned pick 10 forums other than gaming and you will find some sort of inappropriate messages.

            Like you mentioned all of our backgrounds are different. That is why respect and etiquette are so important so we don't walk all over the beliefs and experiences of others..

            I am not perfect and made my share of mistakes both in real/virtual setting but I have tried to learn from them.

            Thanks for the discourse Android have a great day!

          • android138

            agreed. i see your point. you have a great day also.

          • android138


          • Ryuken13

            Hashtags are popular with the sheeple lol..

            This video really conveys what I think about hashtags..

            Pardon me I simply like what I like, dislike what I don't, form my opinions from information from multiple sources, and resist all attempts by the human herd to suck me in with peer pressure..

            Does that make me feel superior or inferior to the sheeple in any way? Nope.. But I am me and I am proud of that. The positive and negative consequences of being me are on my shoulders, not something I let peer pressure or popular people form.. No excuses for failure and successes are something I can take pride in.

            The hash tags you mention are the current hot topic of the day.. Great. On to other more important news.

            There is a lot of important news out there that will shape the history of the USA for decades to come happening RIGHT NOW.. For example: Union membership in Michigan and the Franchisor/Franchisee drama going on in the courts now.. Either court case can change the word we live in quite a bit more than this internet drama. The gamersgate notyourshield bullshit is not going to be remembered in 6 months.. Sheeple will have moved on to the next hot topic or cause their peers and social media have told them is important..

            Again Android, like other stuff we have discussed this is simply my thoughts. I respect you if your feelings differ.

            Can't we all just get to having fun talking about games again? This is a great forum for that..

            The crusaders can have their causes.. Great. I have other stuff to occupy my time and wish them the best pissing on that great big old forest fire of anonymous and unaccountable communication.

            This is my last post to you on this topic. I certainly wish the best for you Android have a great Friday and weekend!

          • TLH14

            This video really conveys what I think about "Can't we just talk about games?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD0_DfvutM4

          • android138

            this is what i meant in my above statement about ego. '' you guys needs to stand against this crap even if it destroys your ego.'' android138

  • TLH14

    Wonderful video; all this hate needs to stop, and we should all strive harder to spread positivity.

    I'll still destroy you all in Mario Kart though.