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Club Nintendo’s Platinum & Gold 2014 Rewards Failure! - PE Network

If there were ever a reason to come to the conclusion that the Club Nintendo needed better management - this is it. 2014’s P&G Club Nintendo rewards are extremely lackluster and entirely inconsiderate (Read: Worthless) to those who already own these games. Subscribe to the Zen Gamer for more great content.


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  • Etermal7

    I got Game and Wario

  • Saleem Rasul

    I cant really agree with this, First of all its free, second of all quite a few of the rewards were new releases, thirdly I have been wanting to get Game and Wario for the longest time and this was great for me.

    I guess for me the rewards were valuable because I dont buy every new release day one. If you picked up everything immediately then you would be hard pressed to find the value but perhaps you should take a look at your spending habits?

    I respectfully disagree with your position on this =)

  • MechaMew2

    Might as well get Game & Wario for the DDP.

  • dreadedgrin

    I own none of the platinum rewards games. So I'm having a hard time choosing. I expected some sort of exclusive physical stuff though.

    I wonder what I should get…….. earthbound, game and wario , dr luigi or Dkcr 3d.

    • Syrek

      DKCR 3D is excellent if you have not played the original and even if you have, being able to play DKCR on the go is pretty awesome! Earthbound is also an excellent choice. Game and Wario is good too but it depends if you feel your going to get much out of it like I have and Dr Luigi I haven't played as of yet so I couldn't tell you.

      • dreadedgrin

        Hmm.. thanks for the advice

  • Wolfgabe

    This video is completely unnecessary. Its not the end of the world but I know there will idiots who be blowing this out of proportion and claiming Nintendo is doomed

    • Syrek

      No kidding! It's free rewards people, not some affront to gamers and Nintendo fans.

  • Freelancepimp

    OMG I was just looking at how horrible the rewards were a couple of days ago. I'd rather calendars or cups or even a freaking koozie with a triforce on it.

    • dreadedgrin

      The Koozie of time…

  • GoditoZ

    Time to get NES Remix.

    • ShadowHero43

      ME TOO XD

  • Kyanzaki

    Since I've been in the red as of recently, I'm getting NES Remix, but I can understand with something physical for Elite Statue (I got Platinum this year). It is truly stupid to do this if you have all of these games, but for someone like me who doesn't, this doesn't seem that bad, and I've been itching to play NES Remix for a while, so I'll get NES Remix.

    However what US got seem paltry to what Japan has…just saying, I want a Yoshi Plushie!

  • RPGxMadness

    I think it bears repeating that It does cost money, a lot of it, for us to be eligible for the Club Nintendo Gold and Platinum rewards, as well as the regular ones.

    First; It costs them nothing for them to be giving us digital version of games they own, even less so for the virtual console games, since they already made their money back on these games decades ago. I'm not saying they need to break the bank giving us rewards, but that they should at least give us the impression that they have value(like the plushies that Japan is getting 😛 ).

    Second; These games have next to no value other than "ooh free game" which they already have at the regular rewards shop, more so some if not most of these games were already featured in the regular rewards shop,
    diminishing the status of the Gold rewards and some of the Platinum rewards.

    Third; If they went the legit way to get the coins in the club, the Gold Members have spent at least 240-300$ and the Platinum members 400+$, and they get the choice of ONE game that averages the cost of 15 dollars.

    I would have hoped that we expected more of the end year rewards as a community, but I guess some of you are happy getting scraps, I'm certainly not.

    • Syrek

      It may cost you alot of money to be eligible for the Gold or Club Nintendo Platinum rewards, but I doubt the sole reason your buying said games is because of the Club Nintendo rewards or offers. The fact that they have Club Nintendo offering rewards if you register a game is a bonus and something Nintendo doesn't have to do at all but they are. If you'd like, you could get absolutely nothing if you purchase multiple games for the Wii U and 3DS similar to how Microsoft and Sony does things.

      I get it, these rewards are not ideal for YOU and many others, but they don't have to exist at all either if Nintendo so willed it. It's much better to get something over nothing in my opinion and let's be honest, many of those games are quite good and I'm sure there's a fair amount of individuals who aren't super spendy on video games that love that Nintendo is doing this.

      Would I have liked a better Club Nintendo Platinum or Gold reward, sure of course, but I'm lucky I'm getting anything in return for purchasing games on the Wii U and 3DS. Heck, Nintendo didn't even have to do the whole Digital Deluxe program for the Wii U but they did and that's awesome. I'm not telling you or others on how you should think or feel in regards to this matter, but I think we need to be grateful that Nintendo is offering us both games and physical items in return for doing a measly survey with the games we purchased.

      Gamers are getting WAY too entitled and greedy and it's because the gaming industry treats us really well, most of the time. We get use to the extra gifts, the deals, select programs and offerings. Because of this, we expect SO much more in unreasonable ways. I mean yes, I do think Club Nintendo does need to work on their rewards but honestly, I care more about the games, not some collectors item or physical item I'll forget because I'm too busy enjoying my games. I'm just grateful and glad that Nintendo is even offering us anything in return for purchasing games on their systems.

      • RPGxMadness

        The intention of the Club Nintendo is to entice us to buy the game New, I and many others have no obligation to do such a thing. I do so because I want to support the company that makes many great games, but I can get the same games used, at a more affordable price, especially on the 3DS.

        I am not mad at the fact that they are giving us Digital games, I'm mad because they can at least give us better games to chose from: All of the games of the Gold Rewards have already been a regular reward earlier this year, and some of the Platinum ones were also. If they could have given us a Digital reward of Retail games like Wonderful 101, Animal Crossing or Kid Icarus: Uprising, I would have been less dissapointed. It's not like it's Impossible, there's already Game and Wario and DKC:Returns3D there, why isn't there more games like these?

        And you calling the gamers greedy is laughable, as the years went on the Club Nintendo rewards(in america) have only worsened, to the point that you admit that this is not a good reward, this was not something that we all just became mad about this year, it went on for years on end and this year is just where enough is enough. Not only that, but other regions have superior rewards given to them during similar years, why the different treatment?

        This attitude of "better have something than nothing" isn't something that I would expect from this community, especially given the responses given when other companies give us the Wii U consumer an unfavorable treatment with shit cut down ports of games…

        • Syrek

          Look, I care FAR more about the video games, not some measly rewards program that I can or cannot participate in. I can choose to register my games not, that's a choice I can make and everyone else who is whining over this. I get it, you want more and expect more out of this given how Japan treat's it's Club Nintendo patrons, I understand that and I do think the rewards need to be better for sure. However, at the end of the day, I have MUCH more to worry and complain about than if the free games I am being given is amazing, mediocre or piss poor. I'm not going to battle every indiscretion Nintendo makes cause like I said before, I care about the games FAR more than the bonus rewards I can get if I choose to be a part of Club Nintendo or not. And really, at the end of the day, I can choose to be bitter about this and spend my precious time complaining or I can move on with my life and focus on things that do matter. Let's not treat this as an affront to Nintendo fans and gamers cause that's hardly the case.

          I do want better but whining and being bitter does ABSOLUTELY nothing for me and changes nothing. It only makes me more resentful and then I realize I'm complaining over something that is free regardless of the quality or not. You and others may not see it that way but I do and I'm sorry if you feel the way you do.

          • RPGxMadness

            It's not free, That's the entire point.

          • Syrek

            It's also completely optional. That's my entire point. Look I do think Club Nintendo does need to be improved, I am not blind to that and there are many faults but people are treating this WAY too seriously, that's why I'm getting upset and I think it's a bit ridiculous to be to angsty towards something that is entirely optional. Again, that's my opinion and obviously you differ as such. Let's agree to disagree on the matter. Not everyone is up in arms about this situation but I do understand to a degree as to why people are upset. I just think the level or amount that people is upset is kinda strange over something that is optional and does offer free things if you so choose to participate.

          • ShadowHero43

            Dude, none of the other companies are doing this type of stuff (to my knowledge). Getting a game, registering it and then potentionally getting a reward that nobody ask for? thats the [email protected]#T. This is like a thank you for buying are games, and since they know most of the wii u owners are GAMERS, they gave us GAMES! Now, I wanna know if this is the 1st time Nintendo is giving games as a platinum reward.

          • Mythosa

            It is free. You can be a member and purchase nothing and potentially get free stuff. There are surveys that earn you coins without the purchase of a game. There is no cost to joining. It is a free service that is equally beneficial to both the consumer and Nintendo in that you can get free stuff for feedback on their service and or games. When you purchase a game, you are in fact purchasing a game, not the right to use the service as it is already available to you but you can earn extra benefits from registering (quantifying sales) and even more for giving feedback for the game whether it is good or bad. You are not forced go sign up.

  • titangamecube

    Does this really warrant a video? Look, I understand where you're coming from but its not that serious. Hell I'll just quote Matthew because it sums it up perfectly.

    "Let me put it this way- I feel that Nintendo is giving you free stuff… whether or not you like the offerings is subjective (i.e. it's how you feel). While I can empathize with people who are upset by what's offered, I am not… I get access to games I otherwise I would not have bought or spent money on- so I get to experience something I otherwise would not have played."

  • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpthURgD8mQHMc_4ckdxKag Matthew Wesley

    Let me put it this way- I feel that Nintendo is giving you free stuff… whether or not you like the offerings is subjective (i.e. it's how you feel). While I can empathize with people who are upset by what's offered, I am not… I get access to games I otherwise I would not have bought or spent money on- so I get to experience something I otherwise would not have played.

    *I got Wario Ware as my game, because I wasn't going to buy it… now I got it for free.

    • ninjacarbonated

      another way to look at it is I never got anything from any other platform when I purchased their games. Microsoft, Sony, Sega, TurboGrafix, Atari, heck even the little handheld Tiger systems never gave me anything for buying their games. I agree the offerings are subjective but something is better than nothing.

      keep sporting that mustache and great things will come my friend :)

  • Hardin25

    Overreacting much, but understandable.
    Only if a SNES/GBA game was up there, at least GBA since i don't have any.

  • DylanWins

    I can see it from both ways. I mean, if you bought all these games, then it would seem a little lackluster. And I have to admit, I think I would have preferred more physical things (a yarn Yoshi doll would've been sweet). HOWEVER, if you don't have enough money to buy every game out, then this is nice. My friend only has enough money to buy two or three games a year; and I'm sure he would love this.

    Now if you'll excuse me; I gotta finish all the support conversations in Fire Emblem Awakening! 😉

  • ninjacarbonated

    hey im happy game and wario was on there. that was a game my sons have been asking me for so Nintendo saved me some money.

  • https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/PaPierre PaPierre

    People don't seem to understand where Zen is coming from: Nintendo knew most of us already had most to all of these games…I know I DO. While I'm happy with my new, and free, NES Remix, I know Nintendo are being cheapskates. Platinum members forked outta lotta dough to get there!

    • BigDrewDaGamer7

      I agree 100%, The only game worth getting for me is Donkey Kong Country Returns and I already played it on Wii. I felt the same way with the Mario Kart 8 deal as well. I own all the games except Wii Party U which I had no interest in getting but ended up doing it anyway. Why couldn't we get something like Wonderful 101?

      • jafolk

        You can't bag on the mk8 deal, those were some awesome games and you could have sold a code for wwhd for some decent money if you had them all.

        • BigDrewDaGamer7

          True, I didn't consider that, my loss lol.

          • https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/PaPierre PaPierre

            Shhhh! Ya can't go sayin' anything negative about Ninty 'round these parts!

            By the way I agree with you regarding the Mario Kart 8 cheapo promo. I have all four game already on CD, why would I want a "free" second game on my memory space challenged WiiU?

            In Japan, in Europe…they BOTH had better deals!!!

  • retrogaminglord

    I've already seen people very upset at this because they don't have a wii u, or 3ds

    • Wegotexclusives

      Thats retarded lol.

    • dreadedgrin

      What have they been buying games for?

      • ShadowHero43

        Hey, cool it. Some of us used our money for important things or didn't have a job

        • dreadedgrin

          I'm legitimately confused. How did they reach elite status without a console? They don't even make wii games anymore.

          • ShadowHero43

            Some people know how to save up. I got coins from my wii games saved up, plus tlhey do questioners to the games you bought after a few hours of gameplay

  • Raph_Scallion

    Speaking as someone who ain't really that mad about the game rewards (considering that the one game I care about on the list is Game & Wario yet) and didn't give a care about the physical rewards, I understand completely. Club Nintendo needs better management when it comes to rewards.

    Most of the time they offer games that I either have no interest in or already own. This issue can be circumvented if they give Elite status members the option to trade Club Nintendo coins for eShop credit. That way, we can pretty much get whatever we want and save leftover money for later! This would really help people who have, like, 800 coins in their account (like me!).

    • Raph_Scallion

      Downvotes be damned, I really think this is a perfect solution.

    • dreadedgrin

      Yep I like that idea.

  • abGZinc88

    While I understand the concern that most people have, I was actually really pleased with it since I did get a retail game for free (Game & Wario which I would've definitely preferred to get digitally).

    I don't want them to stop doing physical merchandise, but I definitely want them to continue with this option also so hopefully next year, we can get a choice between a collectible or a free game (hopefully a better selection of games) because there are some I miss out on simply due to lack of funds or focus on the titles I wanted more and I'm not that big into collecting since all of that stuff just goes straight into my closet 😛

  • JaxonH

    I agree with Zen 100%. These rewards are a MAJOR let down. I literally own EVERY SINGLE GAME offered as a gold or platinum reward. Every last one of them. Nearly 3,000 coins this year (and I didn't even register half my games) and I get a digital copy of a game I already own… These are games I bought and registered to hit platinum status in the first place!

    I'm all for the changes Nintendo's been making lately, but I can't stand behind this one. Sorry, can't do it. Yeah it's still a free reward, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. They could have AT LEAST made it games not sold on the eShop, ala 3DS ambassador style. That way I'm not getting a copy of something I already own.

    • FrancisPE2

      Or even eShop credit would have been better.

      • JaxonH

        That's a really good idea. Then you would have the freedom to choose a game you haven't played. I still prefer physical rewards, but if they're going to offer digital, then eShop credit is definitely the way to go. That or offer an exclusive game or two not available on the eShop.

      • erich80

        You hit the nail in the head, Francis: Nintendo, just give us some damn eshop credits, then.

        I'm extremely upset with this silly move from Nintendo.

        By the way, the NA Club Nintendo rewards have been a shame for a long time now.

      • dreadedgrin

        I just realized that Game and Wario is free eshop credit to everyone who is using the deluxe digital promotion. but it sadly doesn't work for basic owners and those who already have the game.

    • ShadowHero43

      well good for you. I for one however this is my 1st time getting a reward, so I'm glad I can get one the games in there since I bought my wii u & 3ds recently. On the other hand, i didn't know this was a yearly thing. Now that i know that, I understand why some of you are disappointed.

  • Emufred

    C'mon really?

    They're giving this stuff for free. Sure none of the games interest me atm, but it's still there to take.

  • Knightof2012

    You know…while I do agree the rewards are underwhelming does it really require a video on it? It looks like most will be overreacting to this as well.

    • FrancisPE2

      Well, I think we should show Nintendo we want more than digital games next year. We'll all get over it sooner or later.

      • Knightof2012

        And I agree, but that's what Facebook and Twitter are for. Now if this way to say majorly hurt the company I would agree that a video should be made, but in the end they're giving out free stuff, and whether or not it's underwhelming free stuff is still free stuff.

        • FrancisPE2

          Well, what if someone already has all these games? And you have to admit, the list is underwhelming.

          • Knightof2012

            Then they can save up and wait till next time, that's what I did last year. Nothing really stuck out so I just waited until the next time it happened then I jumped on it.

    • timg57867

      Took the words out of my mouth. Some people are reacting as if Nintendo decided to start charging for online. (shudders). They could have done better, that's for sure but it's not THAT serious. Really though.

    • jafolk

      They couldn't offer one good Wii u game?

      • koopzilla

        There are some excellent games in there. The problem is I already have them. I don't even like digital content, and avoid it at all cost, I only buy a digital game if that's the only option. Also I enjoy collecting stuff, especially video game related, so I look forward to an exclusive physical item every year. The games are good for an option if you don't want the physical item, but shouldn't be the only choice. Club Nintendo started off strong but has really gone downhill ever since. There are only a few items to even spend your coins on now, and they are old. I mean anything for free is cool, and they definitely aren't required to hand out anything. But, I always thought it was really cool, and maybe got spoiled on the first few years platinum rewards. I will be leaving comments about my dissatisfaction of this years rewards in the surveys. I am already Platinum for 2015, I just hope they take the reaction to this years rewards into consideration and give out some good rewards.