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Super Mario Maker has over 60 Levels on Disc, One Designed by Rayman’s Creator


Rayman creator Michel Ancel has designed one course in Super Mario Maker, that will actually come on disc when the game drops next month. The game has now been confirmed to have over 60 levels at launch you can play on disc, with more downloadable levels coming from users across the world. Check out this level below!

  • getagrip

    ea ubisoft activition all pretended fo support wiiu then backed off THAT WAS ALWAYS THERE PLAN

    EA so much as took to the stage at E3 TO LIE to the consumers faces

    nintendos third party problems are not X86 THEY ARE DEEPLY ENGRAINED HATRED FROM THE 80S TO TODAY

  • TimG57867

    Now I feel better about having bought Rayman Legends new, if at a discount price. It’s not his fault Ubisoft double crossed Nintendo when they needed Ubisoft most. Does this mean he works close with Nintendo now? Or is this just a friendly free lance thing?

    Also, 60 levels isn’t as much as 100, but that’s still a pretty big number all things considered.

  • person

    Damn it. All I can think of now is a Rayman Legends/Origins and Super Mario Bros crossover…

  • Guymelef

    Perhaps Michel Ancel should work on an exclusive platformer for Nintendo…

    • Travis Touchdown

      He fought really, really hard to keep Rayman Legends an exclusive.

      That was entirely Ubisoft’s fault.

    • JaxonH

      Michael Ancel is a great man and one of the most talented developers alive today. He should not suffer for the actions of a mega publisher, nor should Rayman.