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Final Fantasy XV - Gamescom Malboro Boss Trailer

Final Fantasy 15 ff

Final Fantasy XV will have massive, difficult bosses that require a bit more than a strong level to defeat! Check out one of these bosses named the Malboro.

Source: Square Enix NA

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    So they are making an easy game hard now? bad move I called it. I have not bought a Final Fantasy game in ages.

    • TheBowelsOfTrogdor

      It’s not that they’re making it hard. See, Malboro is a recurring monster in the Final Fantasy series. What you saw in the video was Malboro using its signature move, Bad Breath, which inflicts every single ailment imaginable onto its enemies. If you’re not properly protected, Bad Breath is a death sentence.

      JRPG Rule #1: Be prepared 😛

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP16noYFeThFrJa2JVFw2IA Otaku DJK1NG (YouTube)

        and it auto Gameover.

        Bad Breath never does such thing

        It inflict all status except death.

        • Hidden Flare

          Trust me when I say sometimes, it can feel like bad breath caused a game over in some older ff games, like you can’t put up much of a fight when it does. Although you could say this isn’t truly fair, it does look like the characters were in a state where they were about to go down anyways.

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP16noYFeThFrJa2JVFw2IA Otaku DJK1NG (YouTube)

            but there always a party member you will have that is immune to status effect.

          • Hidden Flare

            Maybe in this game the party had nothing equipped to block it, maybe you can equip something to bock the attack or weaken it…

          • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP16noYFeThFrJa2JVFw2IA Otaku DJK1NG (YouTube)

            I don’t think this has anything to equip but weapons that uses mp.