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Splatoon web app Launched in Japan


Nintendo has launched a dedicated Splatoon web app today alongside the massive update the game got adding a host of new modes. If you log in with your Nintendo Network ID, there are a lot of functions you’ll have access to. The site is only in Japanese at the moment, let’s hope it comes worldwide soon!

Friends List: See which of your friends are online and send messages to your friends inviting them to play Splatoon with you.

Ranking: View your friends’ current ranks, levels, gear and how many points they’ve scored with each weapon.

Equipment: View your own profile. Only works if you’ve updated your game to version 2.0.

Schedule: Check out the current and upcoming map rotation.

Via: Nintendo Everything 

  • Revolution5268

    Im using Google Chrome translator and this is cool. I don’t know how will the invites will work I bet ya is the same as Smash Bros Wii U Im betting money on that.

  • GreysonSeijuro

    Sounds cool, I hope we get this in the US. And it looks like DeNA is being put to good use.