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Scalebound - Tons of new Gameplay, Story & Combat Details


Platinum Games and Microsoft has revealed a ton of new information on Scalebound for the Xbox One. Get the full roundup of combat, story and gameplay details past the link.

  • Drew’s right arm is covered in scales and he has claws on his fingers to symbolize his bond with the dragon.
  • The dragon is controller by the AI, but can be given instructions like “go there,” “aim there,” “defend” or “attack.”
  • The world of Draconis is governed by an energy named the “Pulse,” it gives shape to nature and makes islands float, but it’s also the energy Drew and his dragon use to fight.
  • Drew can use stun attack, and a wire shot to get close to giant enemies’ weak points.
  • The energy of the pulse also fuels Drew’s dragon form, which is his superpower, turns him into a humanoid dragon that has increased attack and defense power.
  • You can cut limbs from giant enemies.
  • There are dungeons in the game.
  • There are times in which Drew has to separate from the dragon (because there isn’t enough room) and has to proceed on his own.
  • Weapons have a durability meter that decreases with usage.
  • The team working full time on Scalebound is made of about 100 people.
  • You can buy dragon armor (with in-game currency. There will be no microtransactions).
  • You can customize your dragon in several ways by using gems dropped by the enemy (horns, claws etc.).
  • If you the dragon finishes enemies by himself, you don’t get any gems, so you have to decide between slaughtering small enemies quickly, or hold the dragon back to get gems.
  • You can choose the skin of your dragon.
  • You can choose the element your dragon fights with.
  • You can fight with a number of different weapons, like sword and shield or enormous greatswords.
  • Drew himself can be customized with skill points (which are basically experience points) he receives by killing enemies.
  • Kamiya-san haven’t played many JRPGs in recent years, so it’s hard for him to compare with the story of a standard JRPG, but the story of Scalebound that follows the partnership between Drew and the dragon is at its core a very deep, engaging and emotional tale.
  • The headset worn by Drew symbolizes him getting into the zone and focus as he fights. It’s also a way for Platinum Games to introduce all kinds and genres of music into the game, including vocal tracks. The music we hear is the music Drew listens.
  • Kamiya-san thinks the definition of “open world” is a very broad definition, and he doesn’t really play open world games himself, so he’ll decline to use the definition for Scalebound, as it could be misleading. That said the enormous enemies, the awe inspiring set pieces and large battles need to fit into the scale of the world, which is a “very, very large world.”
  • Platinum Games isn’t talking in detail about the co-op multiplayer yet, but Kamiya-san wants us to imagine what it will feel like to go into a dungeon and when the boss comes it’s not just the player and his dragon, but there are three other players and their dragons, and they’re all outfitted and customized different ways. For now he wants to leave the rest to our imaginations, but he’d like us to think how great of a moment it’s going to be.
  • When Drew starts the relationship with th dragon, it’s not necessarily great. There might be rocky moments, agreements and disagreements. In order to build trust, we’ll have to go through those moments.
  • The dragon is treated like a living character, and the developers want us to to feel like it’s a live and not a pre-programmed robot.

Via: VGChartz, Source: DualShockers