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Check out this Nintendo Survey Asking for What Type of Gamer you are


There is a new survey Nintendo has released gauging your interest in gaming on all platforms.  I highly suggest checking it out. You can see it right here.

Author: Francis@PE (19502 Posts)

  • rcrennick

    Don’t need a survey to tell you the obvious. Customers are buying the PS4 over the to play 3rd party games.

    Do what it takes to make it happen. I don’t need to waste space on 2 systems,

  • Blake Wigert

    Where’s the question of “What can we do to become a better company?” Nothing about 3rd party support, or lack there of. Nothing. The whole thing took forever to finish and it is probably a wast of time anyways, just like those “Which character are you?” quizzes with randomly generated results.

  • Terrare

    They forgot a huge category:

    “I buy nostalgia, not games”

  • getagrip

    im a gay transgender bi white black asian mixed race muslim budist gamer BEAT THAT

    • Hidden Flare

      I’M AN ALIEN!!!

  • Mark Faraday

    Took forever to do
    Hope Nintendo hears the fans

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    the Sleeping giant has awoken.

  • *NormalGamer*

    I just took it yesterday; great to see Nintendo asking their customers for feedback.