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Nintendo set to Publish Devil’s Third in North America, Possible Gameplay Improvements? | PlayerEssence

Devil Third MS

Francis discusses the news that Devil’s Third will be published by Nintendo in North America. Could the delayed release of the NA version bring gameplay improvements? Subscribe to PlayerEssence for news, reviews, trailers, tips and tricks!


    Devil’s third supporter here again. The switching from third person view to first person sighting whenever I want. Seriously am I the only one giddy about that feature. Even if this game only had two levels and five enemies. That alone makes it a great game. COD and FPS gamers have forgotten or have never learnt what gaming without assisted scopes is. They clamor to ficticious auto alignment. This is the game I dreamt about, way before it was announced, I even like the tatooed descendant of the guys from vanquish now. This will be my red steel three, because red Steel 2 was awesome.

  • person

    Out of curiosity, do we know of any AAA Wii U games (apart from possibly Zelda) that are arriving in 2016?

    • sharlo galmo

      Fire emblem x SMT is also 2016

  • Jon Turner

    Well it’s great it’s coming, but will Nintendo actually make improvements to the game’s rocky presentation due to that timeframe? I wonder.

    I still think it’s a dumb idea for them to not offer WiiU owners any games for the summer.

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    Devils Third PC Version is Free to play we all know that is going to suck …Welcome WiiU Version …omg I cant wait to have this game its bound to be good Now that Nitnendo is backing it.

  • Travis Touchdown

    It’s very possible. There’s not much wrong with the game outside of frame rate drops, so if Valhalla could fix that, we’ll be golden.

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      Well, with all due respect there are more issues than frame rate. And there could be more problems we don’t know about with multiplayer

      • Ryuken13

        There are a lot more issues than framerate.. If Nintendo wants this to sell it needs serious fixing before a N America release.

        • Saleem Rasul Abdul Aziz

          Agreed 100%

      • Saleem Rasul Abdul Aziz

        True there are a lot of issues, but some just dont mean as much to some people. Travis will be golden with a frame rate fix, I’ll be golden with Wii-Mote/Gamepad-Gyro controls and cross platform play.

      • isimi taiwo

        I feel the problems can be fixed with patches and so on.I feel these journalist are exaggerating the problems with the game.

      • android138

        you guys seem to forget all the assasins creed games as well as COD ports were, and still are, riddin with bugs and glitches with no patches to fix. i played all of AC3 with no skin mapping on anybody. still a great game. besides all the flaws and repetitiveness it was a fun game.

    • Bernadet Gnuyen

      Nintendo is backing it, its sure to be good on my book.

  • Travis Touchdown

    It’s very possible. There’s not much wrong with the game outside of frame rate drops, so if Valhalla could fix that, we’ll be golden.

  • Saleem Rasul Abdul Aziz

    If nintendo is doing something with this game I hope its the addition of Wiimote-Nunchuck and Gamepad Gyro controls.

    Glad the game is coming!

    • Brandon

      well since it’s coming to pc (kind of it’s multiplayer only) then they should add cross platform multiplayer some time. hey I can dream can I?

      • Saleem Rasul Abdul Aziz

        Yes I am hoping for that too. A feature like that would make the game very popular indeed.