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Devil’s Third: Five GOOD Things About the Game (Nintendo Life)

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Alex from Nintendo Life discusses five good things about Devil’s Third on Wii U!

Source: Nintendo Life

Author: Francis@PE (19166 Posts)

  • android138

    nice, getting this one day one. dont care to much about graphics just as long as the game presents a decent and fun challenge. like i said before, the online multiplayer is where it’s going to shine IMO.

  • Travis Touchdown

    I think it’s safe to say, upon watching this video, that a lot of the statements made against the game are just plain exaggerations.

  • Guymelef

    Well this game does have some interesting flair to it. I say we give it a chance. I’m still hopeful that the multiplayer will have interesting mechanics and gameplay.


    I am buying this game, being a seasoned gamer, I know a classic in the making when I perceive one. This is a classic. It had monster hunter written all over it ” Not for the weak gamers that have never seen world 8-1 in the original super mario bros.”

  • Blake Wigert

    It honestly seems like 3rd parties don’t want their games to succeed on Nintendo consoles. They don’t put in the required effort, and seem too stupid stubborn to do so. I honestly was under the impression that some 3rd parties put their games out to die on Nintendo consoles to have a ‘reason’ to not support them. 3rds are a complete enigma to me, their reasoning is twisted, their logic flawed, and leadership mistaken. Nintendo fans are used to a certain degree of quality, and when we get something that is of less quality it will seem vastly inferior.

    • ZainreFang

      Devils Third had troubled development so that’s the reason it has these technical issues. It’s nothing against Nintendo.

      • AJ_Lethal

        yeah, developement hell usually fucks up games.

  • uPadWatcher

    Take the bad with the good. I’ll give Devil’s Third a rental before contemplating about buying it.