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Devil’s Third - New Screenshots


Check out eight new screenshots from Devil’s Third on Wii U.

Author: Francis@PE (19166 Posts)

  • Travis Touchdown

    Itagaki: [ about previews ]

    At last, I was be able to understand about the reactions.
    Devil’s Third is the game which reflects the player’s skill directly/vividly.
    This is truth.

    So yeah, even Itagaki agrees with me: The previewers just suck.

    • Saleem Rasul Abdul Aziz

      Did he really say that LOL that is gold!

      I’m loving this guy!

    • RoyRelapse

      Yes, of course he is defending or at least damage controlling his game, that’s not weird for a game that still has to come out, ya know, because money need to be made back. He looks very delusional IMO at this moment.

      • Travis Touchdown

        If he really believed he was defending a shoddy product, he would never have:

        A: Never let previewers get their hands on their game a month before it formally launches.

        B: Would not continually find new things wrong with what previewers have been saying about the game, and offer explanations as to why previewers don’t like it, which matches up with what we have observed thus far.

        C: Spent six years working on the product.

        Complaints about the game boil down to nothing more than technical issues, graphics, and a lack of interest among previewers, none of which are particularly game breaking.

        In conclusion, I feel like the complaints forced towards these games are due to how unused we, as an audience, are to low budget releases like this.

  • Kris Godwin

    This game looks terrible…

    Yet, I still kinda want to play it. I actually paid it off before all the negative previews came out, but I’m not too upset. I figure it’ll become somewhat rare in the next few years, not to mention the sheer novelty of playing a game I’ve been waiting for for five years.

    I’m actually expecting Itagaki to trash-talk the ever-loving crap out of Nintendo in the next few months. He’ll blame the game’s quality on being ‘creatively stifled’ by them, rather than take any blame himself. I guarantee it.

    • uPadWatcher

      Don’t trust YouTube.

    • Travis Touchdown

      Itagaki has actually been very defensive of Nintendo on his facebook, and in interviews. If anything, I feel like he’ll blame the press for not having standards.

  • KnightWonder

    Let’s just say this game sucks badly, I’m not gonna give up on this developer because 1. At least they were determined to create something interesting and fun and 2. They didn’t give up on it. For those two reasons I respect them.

    • 7thlevel JR

      they might as well have given up on it lol,i’d rather just wait for gears 4

      • KnightWonder

        Congrats on that but like myself they’re not ready to give up.

      • PRIMUS

        The whole entire gears series sucks and bores me. I would rather play uncharted 2 any day.

  • uPadWatcher

    Not bad. Itagaki’s team at Valhalla and the assist by Nintendo SPD (Japan) have done a good job with the visuals in Devil’s Third. Despite sharing the same targeting frame rate in Uncharted 4 (30fps), I find it acceptable. Not ground breaking like Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros for Wii U, and Super Mario 3D World… but acceptable.

    • https://www.facebook.com/X.V.Entertainment Diego Arias

      I understand that you don’t care that much about graphics, me neither, but I honestly believe that they did not do a good job with the visuals. The Wii U is strong enough to handle a game with much better visuals than Devil’s Third.

      • uPadWatcher

        To each his own… but it’s the thought that counts.

  • RoyRelapse

    These kind of visuals were promising for the early Xbox 360 era, what an absolute joke.

    • Travis Touchdown

      “Waaaah, the game sucks because of the visuals!”

      Who cares? Really.

      • RoyRelapse

        Nowhere did I state that the game sucks because of it’s visuals, compadre.

      • person

        If you read the reviews, way more than just visuals suck with this game. Also visuals ARE important. Nintendo’s games look great, despite not being cutting edge, graphically. This game looks awful, and according to the reviews, plays awful, too.
        RoyRelapse is absolutely right. We (correctly) give third party multiplats a lot of flak for being much worse than they should be, why should exclusives be let off? If anything, they should be put under MORE scrutiny than multiplats as these games are meant to show what it’s console is capable of. Does Devil’s Third do this?

    • RoyRelapse

      Forget that, even the first Gears game looked better and they run on the same engine, right ?

      Edit: Just compare the 2, for real….



      • Bernadet Gnuyen

        you have to actually click on the screen shot to appreciate it smart alick. but this does not look all that great either.

      • Wanderlei

        Very little diff, tbh. Especially considering that is an a game with a gigantic budget, versus a game made by small team.

    • PRIMUS

      The Xboxone is not on Par with the PS4 either. PS4 1080P, Xbone is 900P whatever that is. Your point is?

      • NintendoPower

        Current Xbox one games coming in 1080 and 60fps, and is matching ps4. Even developers say they’re nearly identical. Matter of fact, the xbone with dx12 and and all the updates to hardware devz have now, it’s moot now.

        • PRIMUS

          Uh no, no matter how you will try to spin it, the PS4 is the powerhouse console of this generation.

          • Wanderlei

            lol the ps4 is a stripped down budget laptop parts from 5 years ago. A 1.2TF machine is still just a1.2TF machine no matter how you spin it.

          • NintendoPower

            There’s no need to spend anything It’s the truth. Is ps4 slightly more powerful? A little bit. The GPU is supposed to be better But not by much at all As the Only difference people have seen was Either frame rate or resolution which has been At developers are saying fixed The newDevelopment kits. So as I said before it’s totally moot.

    • Wanderlei

      Looks better than early xbox 360/ps3 games. Looks on par with the better late life xbox 360 games, which is completely acceptable.

  • Jon Turner

    Doesn’t look too bad to me. But I guess I’ll have to wait until the game comes out to decide.