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Fallout 4 - Main Voice Actors Recorded over 13K Lines of Dialogue in 2 Years


Fallout 4 is going to be a massive game, and the voice actors have been plenty busy recording over 13,000 lines of dialog over the past two years. In an interview with The Telegraph, Bethesda’s Todd Howard, revealed the good news.

“The voice actors have been recording for 2 years, they’ve each done over 13,000 lines of dialogue.”

“We were lucky to find two great voice actors, and it’s interesting because she may read things or act things differently than he does. So scenes play out differently depending on whether you are playing the game as male or female.”

Source: The Telegraph

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    can it be a good product from the start …third party these days I truly do not believe a thing they say. if Microsoft can not be trusted with Halo any more cause we know the mes the Master Chief Collection is than can we trust the rest of third party hmmm? I think not.

  • Ryuken13

    And you wonder why these games cost so much to make lol??