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Tembo the Badass Elephant - Debut Trailer


Check out the debut trailer for Tembo the Badass Elephant. The game is coming this Summer to PSN, XBL and PC.

The Pokemon Company is Gearing up for Their Next Game Announcement


GameFreak’s Tetsuya Watanaba has stated the firm is prepping for their next game announcement in 2015. For those unaware, GameFreak are the core developers behind the Pokemon Franchise. The Pokemon Company and Nintendo each own a part of the studio. Get Watanaba’s full quote below.

The Pikachu 3DS game in Development is a Detective game with Pikachu as your Partner


The Pokemon Company is developing a mysterious Pikachu game for the 3DS right now. More information has been revealed that the game will have users play as detectives, with Pikachu as your partner. 

Pokemon X & Y Racks up 260,000 Preorders in Japan in Two days, not Counting Bundles

Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon X & Y is going to set sales records, major ones. DualShockers is reporting that Pokemon X & Y preorders have topped 260,000……not counting the 100,000 Pokemon X & Y bundles that sold out in 9 hours from Amazon Japan. 

Pokemon can now Transform into “Mega” Versions in Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon X and Y

A lot of exciting information about Pokemon X & Y has been revealed in the latest CoroCoro issue. Get all the information on the ‘Mega Transformations’ below. 

Pokemon Rumble U - North American Launch Trailer

Pokemon Rumble U
Nintendo has uploaded a brand new North American launch trailer for Pokemon Rumble U. This is the first game to use the NFC technology to read collectible figurines and transfer them to your game.

Pokemon X & Y Download size is 1.7GB


Pokemon X & Y will require 1.7GB of space if you want to download the title from the eShop. 1.7GB is about 14,000 blocks of space according to MNN. Pokemon X & Y launches on October 12th worldwide. 

New Pokemon X & Y Screenshots show off Evolution and more

Pokemon X and Y

Nintendo has released some new screenshots of Pokemon X & Y, showing off evolution, story characters, plot, and more. See them past the link. 

Pokemon X & Y will Feature Fishing and Surfing

Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X & Y is gearing up for its October 12th release this year, and in the Pokemon Coro Coro show, they showed off some new mechanics including surfing and fishing.

Pokemon Developer Teases a new “Collaboration” on Website

Gamefreak, the talented team behind Pokemon X and Y have begun teasing a new collaboration for a mysterious unannounced game. 

Pokemon X & Y Legendary Pokemon Details

Pokemon X and Y

A host of new information has been revealed on the two legendary Pokemon gracing the covers of Pokemon X & Y. Get all the details below. 

New Pokemon X & Y Trailer Shows off the Massive City, Battles, and more

Check out this amazing trailer of Pokemon X & Y that shows off the massive 3D cities, new Pokemon, and battle scenes.

ProJared Plays Pokemon Fire Red - Nuzlocke Challenge part 1-3


Check out ProJared‘s new videos called the Nuzlocke Challenge. In the challenges,  Jared has to abide by many rules set by this fans. If a Pokemon faints in battle, he has to release them forever. So it kind of has a Dark Souls vibe to it. Watch part one through three below.

Say Hello to Mewtwo’s new form in Pokemon X & Y

Gamefreak teased big Pokemon X & Y for today and we got it! Check out this new form of Mewtwo in the trailer below.

Pokemon X & Y Should Bring Massive Changes to the Series

Some rumors/details have been uncovered about Pokemon X & Y. These are rumors but a lot of changes could happen. Minor spoiler details as well. 

Pokemon on Wii U - Pokemon Rumble U Screenshots

Pokemon Sylveon

Pokemon X & Y comes out this October, but till then Nintendo will be releasing Pokemon Rumble U on Wii U. This game features all 649 Pokemon and will be available this Spring on the Wii U eShop. However, Pokemon X & Y is much better so check out this trailer starting the evolution of Eevee Sylveon. 

Pokemon X & Y - New Evolution of Eevee

We knew some new information was coming on Pokemon X & Y, and it comes in the form of Ninfia, the new evolution form of Eevee. Check out the scan below. 

Pokemon X and Y is not a Reboot of the Series

Pokemon X and Y has fans worldwide excited to the play the game. But Game Freak is not abandoning what made the series good in the first place.