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Mario Kart 8 Impressions and something to think about concerning Watch Dogs!


Terminator Juice was nice enough to have me for his live-stream giving his impressions of Mario Kart 8. We also discuss Watch Dogs and how it might not be living up to the hype.

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  • sonicmario92

    I do like the game and am enjoying it a lot the only thing I wish it had is power drifting like double dash hey Francis or ricard is there away to recommend to nintendo what to put on a game for dlc now?

  • Freelancepimp

    Ubisoft did this already. When AC was released people were horribly disappointed and most of the reviews slammed it for being repetitive. I even remember interviews that came out of Ubisoft's camp where they acted arrogant about most of the games complaints. I didn't buy the game based off buzz from the internet and never bought or played any of the games in the series based off of their response to the criticism from fans. Anyway, my point is they were still able to turn it into a viable franchise.

    • RicardJulianti

      And subsequently run it into the dirt.

      We are getting two entirely different AC games on home consoles this year. TWO. That's just stupid.

      • eaglebob345

        Sad part is that the lemmings will still buy it, and it will probably happen again next year. I wish they would give AC a rest and make a new Prince of Persia game, or at least an HD remastering of the original trilogy.

        • Freelancepimp

          Yeah I thought Sands of Time set a new benchmark in story telling mixed with game play and it even had great graphics at that time. If I remember correctly the game just didn't sale well. But for some reason these people will run out and buy another assassin's creed game.Well I guess we should get ready for this to happen all over again with Watch Dogs.