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MK Mondays Ep#2: 3rd Party BS - Terminator Juice


Terminator Juice goes over his Mario Kart 8 tournament results and discusses some third-party BS. Subscribe to Terminator Juice for more awesome content. 

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  • NinjaCarbonated

    Wish I could play online more often. Summertime is 12 + hours a day for work. Gotta make that money for the familia. When things slow down I’d love to get whooped by you guys and gals. Great video :)

    • TerminatorJuice

      Hey thanks for the compliment! I think that having a weekly 16 race tournament with random rules keeps thing interesting! I'm very excited to finally have No Items, because the dreaded blue shell has ruined more than a few races for me! Too bad that you have to work such shitty hours in the Summer. . . I feel for ya! : (

    • FrancisPE2

      Gotta make that money man. I'm working around 12 hours myself….but the money is good!

  • http://nintendobserver.com/ DePapier

    No items, I'm in.

    • TerminatorJuice

      Sweet! The code# for the tournament is 0330-3400-1257. What is your Mii name so I can look for you?

      • http://nintendobserver.com/ DePapier

        My Mii name is ■|/☆Luther https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/Luther

        I just talked to the other day on Miiverse about Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. :)

        • TerminatorJuice

          I remember that conversation! I'm looking forward to this week's tournament though! Hopefully I can show off some of my cornering skills and actually compete for first place!!!! I feel like the items are holding me back from greatness! ; ) Lol It seems like if I'm not getting hit by a Blue, then a Red hits me. . . if I think that I'm in the clear, then a Green comes out of nowhere and ruins a good race!!! haha