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My Thoughts on Hyrule Warriors, and BULLSHOTS - Butterworthy

Hyrule Warriors Ima

Jamie Butterworth has another fantastic video discussing bullshots, and Nintendo’s graphical upgrades over time.

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    This is going to be good!

  • nyobee

    Good Video. Tell it like it is.

  • RicardJulianti

    A lot of people are claiming the magazine shots are bullshots…..when really they aren't. The ones from the scans themselves can technically be called that since they are supersampled, but that's done to compensate for printed material not having near the resolution of monitors. That's actually the origin of bullshots….just when things moved digital, the companies didn't stop.

    Here's the thing though, if you look at the actual screenshots…. located here http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8233… you can count the number of jaggies. Most specifically on that treasure chest screenshot. If they were going to bullshot….they wouldn't do it for only half the images and they most certainly wouldn't leave jagged edges like that.

    You can also notice them on the edge of Link's hat in the one below the treasure chest screen. And in the one before it….the sword almost looks serrated. It's pretty easy to spot in pretty much every single shot. Thing is though, by the time you notice it, the screen will be changing to something else so if you take the time to look for it in-game, you won't see it…and you might die. Also, screenshots always pale in comparison to how a game looks in motion. Always.

    • Harman_Smith

      In other words, this is not a Watch Dogs or Dark Souls II situation.

      • Freelancepimp

        Or, Darre I say it, Infamous second son.