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TEE’d OFF! Project CONS & Slightly MAD Defenders


The “defense” of this debacle has become Slightly Mad FOOS!

Source: Mizzah Tee

Author: Francis@PE (20572 Posts)

  • Mythosa

    There are always going to be defenders while there are Nintendo haters lol. It has little to do with actually being happy with Slightly Mad and more happy that Nintendo and it’s users get screwed. Welcome to the internet.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Tee’s right: Why are we listening to people like Tamaki (Sonic Boom was bad because of the WII U’S HARDWARE) Nintendo fansites (The NX is TOTALLY going to have third party support guys, and if it doesn’t, it’s entirely Nintendo’s fault!) and Shokio (I love Nintendo, but I bitch about everything I hear about them, regardless of whatever I’m told is actually true or not!)

    And now we have Slightly Mad Defenders, which is yet another example of the sort of mental gymnastics people will take to criticize Nintendo, despite the fact that they had absolutely nothing to do with the project outside of providing the hardware it was supposed to be able to run on.

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      Dude, you need to chill, your first paragraph is MASS generalizations based on your heavily slanted opinion. I haven’t heard one site pushing the NX is going to have 3rd party support a lot. Nobody really knows, but Iwata confirmed they spoke with third party devs at E3 and received A number of inquiries for partnerships

      • Mythosa

        It’s mostly just forums that have people that believe this. Like you said, I haven’t seen anything from any sites that say that.