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Francis breaks down all the latest topics in Nintendo news and discusses what he wants out of Nintendo next gen!


    Allow me to be controversial. Project Yooka Laylee has everyone buzzing, reason being is that platformers are making that come back to all platforms which benefits Nintendo more, because it is a forte of a lot of the Big N’s studios. Playtonic wanting to venture into Amiibos screams WiiU games in abundance. Even when Nintendo is not planning games games are arriving. If Nintendo America can help market its advertising it would be wonderful. That is my controversy for the day.

    • TheChosen

      Sorry but if i were you i would look at what “Playtonic” is. You know what? Platonic NEVER made a successfull working PowerPC-game. They simply are cheap- thats why its multiplat. TO get more money for it since its kickstarter. To get more money since more sold units in general, not being limited by ~10 mio. users but being limited to rather ~500 mio. Users (which about 40 millions are console-only, the current-gen consoles) and the other people are just people using their PC for this game.
      The problem about multiplatform is:

      - much more bugs in the game
      - more DLC (normally)
      - cheaper designed (see? for me it looks - well like a cheap Indie-game the thing you buy for 5-10 bucks online, but not a full retail release). it doesn´t even look like - lets say - Nintendos “Captain Toad”.

      And you just have to deal with facts:

      NO ONE has EVER made a perfect-running game for WiiU- with just 15 people- in LESS THAN 3 years!

      All games which were made in less than 3 years- were full of bugs. Being it ZombiU, which was one of the most buggiest (sadly :(- being it Darksiders II-port or others. All those “Ports” are cheaply designed, running like a mess-games. Thats why nearly no one bought them.

      Think about it- best games on WiiU are Mario 3D World (3 years development time), Bayonetta 2 (3 years the developers said)- or Pikmin 3. We know Pikmin 3 even started on Wii-developer-kits!

      just look at how long SHINEN needed to make a perfectly running game for Wiiu! The Game “Fast Racing Neo” was announced in early 2012. Now its 2015 and the game is nearly finished (they will show gameplay the next few weeks, when e3 is coming).

      Sure, SHINEN is only 5 people. But think about it. THEY are even MUCH better for WiiUs-games, since:

      - SHINEN has knowledge about everythin in WiiU. They make perfect-running games, not games which are loaded full of bugs.

      - SHINEN worked with Gamecube, with Gameboy, with Gameboy Advance/Colour, and even with Wii! That means: SHINEN has a LOT of PowerPC-knowledge and knows what hardware Nintendo is using.

      Playtonic is a cheap Indie, made of old RARE-veterans. But:

      Playtonic has ZERO knowledge about PowerPC, since N64 wasn`t using PowerPC in late 1990s! See? Thats the problem.

      And they only have 1.5 years for all 4 versions. It won`t be enough.

      Either all versions will be delayed in late 2016, saying “it just needs more time”- or they will delay WiiU-version.

      What also is annoying is- if they make it multiplat, they aren`t going to use the gamepad at all.

      For me its a clear “Don`t buy this”. As long as i don`t see cool things in that game i won`t consider buying it. Sorry, too much good games on its way, to be stucked to buy such overhyped crap-games like that.

      And CURRENTLY all facts speak against

      “Playtonics” wishes and everything they claim they want to make. They claim all day! Soon they will face reality which is- that no one ever made a perfect-runnning WiiU game with less than 50 people in less than 3 years.

      • RicardJulianti

        I don’t get why you are so hostile, or so adamant that the game will be a buggy terrible mess simply because it is being made in less than 3 years. It’s a ridiculous assumption.

        They are using Unity, which is fully supported on Wii U, and has been since launch. PowerPC isn’t as foreign as you think it is, it’s not like they have to learn an whole new programming language in order to get it running. When they get their dev-kit (if they haven’t already), they’ll be able to put the game code through the compiler and it might even flag instances where they need to change some things.

        Unity is very simple to use, and easily portable between all the systems, by design. That’s its whole claim to fame.

        Also, you have absolutely no clue how much PowerPC experience the developers have. Just because they haven’t produced a game for a Nintendo system using that architecture doesn’t mean they don’t know anything about it. I’ve never worked as a plumber or a carpenter, but I know how to do PVC pipe plumbing, copper pipe plumbing, how to build a house (except for the roof), put up drywall, repair drywall, and even do some electrical work. Don’t assume what you think is fact.

        Captain Toad was made in less than 3 years. Wind Waker HD was made in 6 months. Shovel Knight was conceptualized, Kickstarted, funded, and released in less than 3 years on three platforms. Smash Bros didn’t start development until after KI:U released and was completed in under 3 years.

        You can’t say that no one has made a perfectly running Wii U game in under 3 years when the facts say otherwise. The gameplay for Yooka-Laylee that they have shown off….was made in 3 months. I wouldn’t worry about them getting things done, and done well. Comparing anyone to Shinen is unfair considering the tech wizardry they are capable of. Look up demoscene contest winners to have your mind blown.

        They don’t need to use the gamepad in a new innovative, mind-blowing way. They will likely put a world map, a health bar, various collectible counts and such like that on there….and that is perfectly fine. It will also more than likely have off-tv play which is a fantastic use of the gamepad.

        Stop with the FUD. If you aren’t excited for the game that’s fine, but don’t try to say it’s a fact that it is going to be broken and shit just because you don’t have faith in the developer.

  • Prütsa

    I prefer Nintendo being Nintendo not someone else.

    • FalconLawnch

      They can be themselves while also keeping up with the times.

      • Prütsa

        But then they aren’t them self.

      • TheChosen

        If “get with the times” means:

        no working PSN, no working XBL, no working servers at least 3x per week
        - day1-Patches
        - thousands of bugs, to be patched out…just to find out there are new bugs after the patch (like it happened many times before)

        - Preorder-bs going on- meaning you won`t get the full game, but only if you buy it at…for examplel Toys r´us xD

        It it futher means:

        - thousands of DLC. No games without DLC. dying local multiplayer…

        yeah- then i say: NO to a buy.

        Furthermore. Nx won`t be a new console. WiiU is going to stay for - i would say- the next 5 years, since it will take Nintendo many years to make cool games for the special processor. It takes 3 years to make a real good game for WiiU - like Bayonetta 2.

        It would be a drastic failure (like Sega did it) to make another console before the old is maxed out. Trust me- WiiU is FAR from being maxed out. Just watch FRN-gameplay in a few years.

        Shinen said: It will have better graphics than- ALL PS4/Xbox One/PC-racers. It will be hillarious if that is going to be true.

  • Phantom_6thMan

    The only reason I’m looking forward to Nintendo’s next console is that they were talking about launching it with a new main series Mario game.

    • TheChosen

      That was never confirmed. And Nintendo also never said NX is going to be a console. NO they even confirmed NX won`t be a console, nor a handheld. They said its going to be getting its own games, so think more like VC-machine or something like that.

      BTW: About 3D Mario: Nintendo only said that in the year 2015 there won`t be a big 3D Mario! in 2016 there might be, we will see what comes.

  • Agt_Pendergast

    Hey Francis, how would you like this?

    • Revolution5268

      I ca see this happening

      “Its not F-Zero”~IGN

      “its offensive to me” ~Polygon

      “not 60fps but 59fps”~Digital Foundries

      “5/10″~EDGE (for no reason lol)

      • Nin12gage

        7.8 IGN~ to much falcon punch

      • TheFoxshot


      • Agt_Pendergast

        Heh. the review is a joke on IGN’s infamous God Hand review. It’s one of the best beat ’em ups of all time that they rated a 3.0 (and later listed as one of the top PS2 games of all time). It was the last game made by Clover Studios (who are now PlatinumGames) and Shinji Mikami.

  • Wonder Dean

    Super Nintendo 2? You mean an NES 3?

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      Either one works

  • Guidosaur

    Getagrip get a grip lmao

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      LOL, I just want to see how many comments he will make

  • getagrip

    you want nx to be a playstation LOL

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      Couldn’t be further from the truth

    • Prütsa

      That was pretty much what i got from it to.

  • getagrip

    resident evil 4 was better with the wii remote LOL WHAT R YOU TALKING ABOUT

    pes twin stick controller = controlling just one team member at a time/ pes on wii allowed control of 11 players AT THE SAME TIME ITS STILL THE BEST SOCCER GAME IN EXISTENCE in gameplay and controls

    pikmin 3 is 10x better with wii remote plus that just anlog sticks FACT

  • getagrip

    your discribing a ps for nx multi controllers is were its at NO MOUSE POINTER NO BUY FOR ME id prefer a pad that is multi function EXAMPLE

    A PAD THAT SPLITS AND BECOMES A DUAL 9AXIS NUNCHUCKS type deal controllers should move forward NOT BACKWARD

    pikmin = wii remote nunchuck

    pes = wii remote and nunchuck

    fps = wii remote and nunchuck all could have a cradled gamepad as a tactical screen

    bayonetta 2 pro pad

    smash bros pro pad

    xeno gamepad or pro pad with gamepad by ur side for tactical screen


  • getagrip


  • getagrip

    gamepad intimidating EXACTLY SPOT ON sony ponys are retarded dualshock old fashioned im on gamepad right now watching you on tv and stylus typing on touch screen WAY TO ADVANCED for sony ponys

    wiiu is about CONTROLLERS not a controller

  • getagrip

    nintendo doomed

    24 in assets 24 in capital value that BILLION’S by the way= 48 billion

  • Jon Turner

    I concur! I want the next system from Nintendo to one just like the Super NES: great graphics, great third party support, a rich library with no gaps. I concur with this. Wholeheartedly. Furthermore, if WiiU can’t get KH3 OR FFXV, then NX should get them. Seriously, enough is enough.

  • Jon Turner

    I concur! I want the next system from Nintendo to one just like the Super NES: great graphics, great third party support, a rich library with no gaps. I concur with this. Wholeheartedly. Furthermore, if WiiU can’t get KH3 OR FFXV, then NX should get them. Seriously, enough is enough.

  • getagrip


    i simply will not buy cheap ports, and i dont twin stick fps games its retarded and wrong