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Playeressence Code of Conduct for Article Comments and Forums


Hello PE faithful! We’ve had some recent incidents on the site that kinda forced my hand to ask Anti to write a ‘Code of Conduct’ here. Playeressence is a site for good discussion and gaming, not for trolling, insults, and bickering. All users should read the ‘Code of Conduct’ below. Thanks, and let’s show everybody that Playeressence has the best users on the internet. 

- Be courteous to everyone: People are free to express their opinions as long as they’re valid and honest, please be respectful to others.

- Don’t use profanity: Opinions will be taken more seriously if it’s explained properly without the use of profanity to insult others.

- Don’t spam: Anyone posting the same messages repeatedly will be permanently banned and the messages will be removed immediately.

- Don’t attempt to troll: Anyone leaving non-constructive messages with the intent to irritate the community will either face a temporary or permanent ban.

- Don’t advertise: Any unauthorized attempts to advertise services or wares will be result in an immediate permanent ban, and all messages will be deleted.

- Don’t post sexual or extremely violent content: Anyone posting pornographic or content containing real violence not pertaining to video games will be permanently banned.

- Don’t use racial or ethnic slurs, or post content promoting racial or ethnic hatred: Anyone participating in posting such content will face a temporary or permanent ban.

- Don’t use language pertaining to an individual’s sexual orientation: Anyone using language to insult others pertaining to sexual orientation will face a temporary or permanent ban.

- Don’t threat others: If an individual threatens bodily harm to others, a temporary or permanent ban may be enforced.

- Don’t post personal information of other users: Unless a direct permission has been given from that individual, don’t post any content for other users in the community, such as name, address, etc.

- Don’t link any malware, spyware, trojans, or viruses: Any individuals attempting to link any of these content will be permanently banned.


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  • Mr. Catherwood

    Francis, he broke the rules twice, I don’t know how to contact you more directly, I promise I’ll delete the 3 posts once I get a response from you, this guy is literally a troll

  • ShadowHero43

    thx 4 the heads up

  • http://cyberedencafe.com Nintendo Power
    • nin12Gage


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/NinZend0 Zen_Gamer

    It's a real shame that websites even need "rules" like this. If everyone would just go about it the way they did in real life, everything would be fine. Instead they parade around trying to be badasses because there isn't any real repercussions for doing this stuff online. If you said half the s#!+ some people say to each other on the net IRL you would probably be knocked the hell out and I'm being generous.

    This is what the term "Social Reject" means to me, someone who given their behavior online, would certainly be rejected by society at large for this if taken there. Because if you can't even be a productive member of a VIRTUAL SOCIETY what hope have you for surviving the real thing? And if what I said doesn't make sense to you at all, try an experiment the next time you leave home: Walk up to a group of perfect strangers and call them all "Autistic Drones" just for the thrill of it and see what happens. Then come back and report your findings if and when you can…

    • Syrek

      I couldn't have said it better myself, Zen. When your actions in a virtual society do not reflect that of how you act outside of the digital realm, there's something seriously wrong with you, hence you become something of a social reject. This community within Playeressence is meant to be a safe environment with the ability to discuss freely without belittling, name calling or slander of any kind. I find it absolutely disgusting that a human being has the gaul to be so cruel and disturbed to call a whole community "Autistic Drones." I know a few people who are Autistic and I can assure you that such a comment, regardless of it's true meaning, is extremely offensive and would upset those individuals greatly. It isn't difficult to be a tactful and respectful individual on the internet but it requires that the individual to be mentally mature and sensitive to other's feelings and opinions.

      I fully agree to abide by this Code of Conduct, Francis. I will not allow this community to be marred by such ignorance and disrespect. The internet is already full of horrible human beings who would insult others to justify themselves and they're actions, let's not spoil what we have here and strive for a higher standard of communication towards one another.

    • TripleMMM

      This is what Ashvillian was trying to educate people on youtube, but just for branding a handgun, in a twisted-fate, people just bashed/ridiculed him to be threatening and that was in no bloody way his intention… but, people with their misunderstandings… tsk, tsk, tsk. -_-'

    • nintendork67

      Totally agree with you Zen. Some people think that you can say whatever you want on the internet without any consequence. The way I see it, if you wouldn't say it to someone's face you shouldn't say it behind a computer screen.

  • frankie4fingers83

    I go away for awhile and come back to this lol. What happened?

    Must be some major trolling going on.

    • erich80

      I have yet to get the whole picture, but seeing all the comments here it seems that the problem was the use of offensive language rather than trolling.

  • revolution5268

    OK first question what happen while I was gone? Second what is TheToasterNinja problem?

    • timg57867

      Wow, boy did I get what I asked for! XD (In case you're confused, look a little above this post)

      Anyways, you only need to read the comments higher up to see what this is all about. He's basically calling our community a hive of autistic drones, calling Francis an article theiving fanboy, and this site garbage and we're now giving him a piece of our minds.

  • DePapier

    24 replies at time of writing. I think you need to ban TheToasterNinja for good, Francis.

  • Shadowkirby12

    You know, you can come here all you want. You can say what you want. But the autistic drone thingy offends me. As someone with Asperger's himself I'm a little offended….

  • AntiActivity

    I hope you'll one day realize that you're only damaging your own credibility, not the credibility of this site, the community, or Francis. Especially since you're only lashing out against this community because people disagreed with you in an older article, and now you're harassing and trolling others in an immature fashion to prove your own self sense of worth, only due to the fact you didn't win the argument. This is not helping you at all, you could've easily just walked away from that argument or this site, and kept whatever dignity you had left, instead you decided to continue in this immature manner.

    There's absolutely nothing in this Code of Conduct stating what type of statements the community is permitted to comment with, so your claims of calling people "drones" is once again childish, and furthermore only illustrates you're once again lashing out at this community by insulting others. At the moment you're the only person who's trying to force everyone to share your opinions in a drone like manner, since you're trying to claim everyone in the community is a drone for not imitating what you believe is right.

    Finally, your use of "autistic drone hive" is extremely insulting to people living with autism, and furthermore to the families who have to take care of them. It's extremely difficult to provide proper care for children with this condition, and furthermore it's extremely costly. For you to belittle people and families afflicted by this condition is not proving your own maturity, look up the condition and learn what families have to go through.

    Seriously, stop and look at what you're doing.

  • timg57867

    I bet many sites have supposed codes of conduct like this. But unlike Francis, a lot of these sites would rather rake in money from flame wars than actually enforce them…

  • timg57867

    Oh and also.

    "autistic drone hive"

    Seriously? Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?! Words cannot comprehend how astronomically offensive, idiotic, and downright terrible that statement was. I know some real autistic people who's hearts would be broken by that statement. I mean it really is amazing how being able to type annonymously from behind a keyboard makes people feel like they can type any garbage they want without taking others opinions or feelings into account. I can only feel grateful that some sites like this are trying to their best to prevent stuff like this from happening. I think you need to shut the computer off and really think about what you've done…

  • timg57867

    So it looks like you still haven't gotten your act together. Sorry, but I am going to concur with other here and insist you leave this site.

    Francis, I believe it's time for this:


  • Saleem Rasul


  • Maestro

    First off, which comment, and honestly, how can you not challenge his opinions ? Did Francis stop you from saying why you don't agree with his opinion ?

  • King_Sparkticle

    Peesh, you 'grammar nazi', you. 😉

    • EuroMIX

      You called DePapier a Nazi!


      • Suiadan

        Hey now, this isn't Miiverse. Even if your account kinda makes it look like it.

        • EuroMIX

          All shall be Miiverse.


          • Shadowkirby12

            All hail Miivese! Nobody will escape the glory of Miiverse

          • RicardJulianti

            ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

        • DePapier


        • timg57867

          That post makes me hope that revolution5268 posts a comment here too.

    • DePapier

      I'm kind of being serious though because else somebody can make threats and say that it wasn't condoned by the Code of Conduct, just due to some mispelling.

  • King_Sparkticle

    Why are you trying so hard to insult this entire community because a few people disagreed with your opinions? You're even copying words Shokio pronounced a while back that he later REFUTED and APOLOGIZED for.

    The one and only achievement you will gain out of this is make Francis ban you.

    And by the way, you're wrong. This movement and introducing new policies has NOTHING to do with pro-nintendo or not.

    Just to let you know, ALL news websites leak the information from somewhere, so that must mean all of the news websites are evil and are hosted by thieves? Think again. Most sites try balancing it out with original articles, but Francis, instead, makes lots of videos, polls and discussions. He also greatly contributes to commenting on the website. Not something you see a lot with media websites nowadays.

    Being butthurt is one thing, but being extremely over-sensitive and going as far as saying that the people here are all closed-minded, 'hive-minded' and autistic is a whole other level outlining you as a lowly human being.

    Have a nice day. ^^

  • NinjaCarbonated

    Ok toast in gonna post something personal not because of what your opinion is about this community but because you stated one word that I take great offense to. And that is autistic. I take care of my 5 year old child who is autistic and as much I love him in not gonna lie, its a everyday struggle. From therapy 4 times a week to the simple thing like trying to get him to remember to use the bathroom…at 5. I know your upset for whatever reason and I don’t care if I get banned as well for putting something personal but if I can get this one thing in your mind about that one word that you said in a negatively as if your trying to put someone down all your doing is pissing off me. Not that I can’t see you to correct you bit the fact that I know your smarter than to even imply it. Your either gonna do 2 things with this information, take it or leave it. I personally come here and other gaming for the games and I do like it here. I can agree with you that there are fanboys on this site as well as alot of others. But please just think about what you said and do put it to heart because its not trolling, its just being a dick. And yes this is the internet why should you care if you insult someone, well are you a human or a machine? Be good man and I really hope you do.

    • King_Sparkticle

      I completely agree with what you had to say, and damn, I'm sorry for your kid and you. You must understand though, that here on the internet there are a lot of over-sensitive dicks who love to turn their backs on things and ignore everything said. You see, Toaster comes off as a natural asshole with how he went about things on this particular thread.

      He called out this entire fanbase for shit we are NOT, and he insulted and called quite a few names.

      If, when referring to the 'fanboys' on this website (I honestly don't know any) you're referring to me, then I would like to talk for myself and maybe quite a few others here that yes, I do give Nintendo more credit than I give Sony. YES I give Sony more pessimism, but you must realize that…

      1: Sony is doing way worse than Nintendo.
      2: I don't respect Sony's direction since the PS3
      3: I'm just a bigger fan of Nintendo.

      That doesn't make me a fanboy. I've said some good things about PS4 upcoming games quite a few times, and I respect people when they have Sony as their general preference.

      You see, the standard today is that if a Sony fan sh*ts on every Nintendo fan's decisions and games, they JUST MIGHT be a slight fanboy (still mature and hardcore though), however when a Nintendo fan praises something Nintendo-oriented and then disapproves of something happening to Sony - they're instantly the underdog fanboys who have to be burnt within the first opportunity.

      • NinjaCarbonated

        Well thanks man for your concern but its just being a dad. You have a child that has a impediment you will take it personally. I wasn’t referring to you although I don’t totally agree with everything you say. But hey that’s what these discussion boards are for. Contrast retract. Perhaps fanboy isn’t the right word but your just a excited gamer who likes Nintendo and that’s fine cause alot of people here including me feel the same way. But I feel the same way about the other too as well. I know its not favorable but in my opinion I like the Xbox exclusive games regardless how they get them. I’m a 32 year old school gamer and could care less if someone calls me names and what not. It was the autistic comment that ticked me off. I suppose everyone to each their own. We can post something negative but you could get banned for it. And If I get banned its not going to stop me from checking out gaming news from here. In any case king and toast just keep gaming on and enjoy what you love.

        • timg57867

          I HIGHLY doubt you'll get banned for this.

      • Suiadan

        I think your preference to giving Nintendo slack is due to that fact that the internet just loves to hate Nintendo.

    • AntiActivity

      I applaud you for providing the proper care for your child. I know it's extremely difficult and costly for a lot of families with children born with this condition. It's not right for anyone to belittle the things you and other families had to struggle with to provide the proper care and love for children with autism.

      I wish you the best of luck.

  • DePapier

    "- Don’t attempt to troll: Anyone leaving non-constructive messages with the intent to irritate the community will either face a temporary or permanent ban."

    According to the Code of Conduct, you deserve to be banned.

    • DePapier

      I don't see who you're trying to look cool against in here but I'll be glad to provide you conversation on your way out! ^_^

      • DePapier

        …I'm actually saying you don't look cool in here. That's what me saying "trying" was meant to illustrate.

      • timg57867

        Replace "cool" with "pathetically immature" and then this post becomes valid.

  • DePapier

    "- Don’t threat others:"
    *- Don't threaten others.

  • http://playeressence.com Majoraspersona

    And it's posts like these that made him enforce this in the first place. If you don't like the site so much, why do you feel so inclined to comment on it?

    • DePapier

      Yeah, you're definitely on your way out.

    • eaglebob345

      "Come one come all to Playeressence.com! Home of Copy and paste journalism and a hive minded community that does not accept anything pro nintendo!"

      Actually, because of your horrible grammar capabilities, you made a slogan for every site EXCEPT PlayerEssence. Good job showing off your trollish, idiotic, and childish nature.

      • Suiadan

        I thought it was talking about IGN for a second. More Gamespot though.

    • timg57867

      "Home of Copy and paste journalism and a hive minded community that does not accept anything pro nintendo!"

      Aw, thanks for calling out all the terrible sites in the Internet except Playeressence! You wretched lummox.

  • UncannyOmninaut

    Basic stuff, but it is good to have it in writing so there is no ambiguity on what kind of behavior is tolerated and not tolerated.

  • King_Sparkticle

    I guess this is partly my fault for what happened yesterday, in which case, sorry. I actually never meant to offend anyone, until a certain someone decided to call me names.

    • DePapier

      That being said, Spark, seriously, you should avoid the Youtube community. I really want jholden3249 and you to apologize to one another because this should never happen again.

      • King_Sparkticle

        I didn't personally see his apology (and if it even is an apology or not, because from what you typed as his response didn't seem like an apology at all), but I will one last time say that I never tried to directly insult him until he outlined me as the childish fool in the conversation. I merely said that his claims about Nintendo fans not buying new things was stupid, and I'm deeply sorry if that offended him.

        What he has to understand is that he wasn't downvoted for no reason (by the way, there's nothing important about votes especially when you're a fairly new user), he insulted me directly and called me emotionally unstable and irrational. Unless he takes those claims back, I won't do my part completely. I'll merely say that I never intended to offend him in the first place. Me calling him a 'dumbass' out of anger came afterwards.

        He also offended this community as a whole, like Toaster is doing right now. If he takes that back, too - then I'll be happy to apologize.

        • TwinTails100

          Instead of saying it was "stupid", just say it was wrong. The strength behind that word is what insulted him.

          • King_Sparkticle

            Well I already said sorry if that claim offended him, so…

            What actually pissed me off is just the way he dealt with things. You see, I can deal with insults and arguments easily. Me and my friends all love to fight, whether it's about Russia's current shitstain, or about the rumors of Obama being a cactus…

            However, when somebody tries to look all tough and mature whilst practically looking down on you from above as if he is looking down at an inferior human being is what annoyed me.

            When it came to the argument, the downvotes also went on his initial comments too, because of the impact of his insults towards both me and this community.

            He seemed to have over-reacted to whatever I said, but then he said that I was the over-reacting cry baby. OF COURSE I would be pissed.

            Poking a person with a fork whilst being a pile of jelly doesn't help.

            Once again, I apologize if I offended him. He offended me, and my inner sense had to knock it back.