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Quinnspiracy Theory The Five Guys Saga - Butterworthy


This video is being mirrored from InternetAristocrat per his permission, in order to raise awareness for this. I know I’m always railing on the gaming media, but this is absolutely appalling. Here is the link to the original video.

Source: Butterworthy

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  • Harman_Smith

    Oh, it's also worth mentioning that NEOgaf is publicly trying to push the idea that this isn't 'a big deal.'

    They seem to be under the impression that the only thing we care about is her sexual escapades, and are completely blowing off what the implications of this actually is… namely, that gaming journalists are extremely corrupt. They're also claiming the mass deletions across the internet is due to moderators not wanting to put up with people putting up her personal information… which is absolute nonsense, considering entire threads have been nuked into oblivion, as opposed to dealing with the few who do want to harass her personally.

    Neogaf, the world's biggest video game website, is trying to blow off an important gaming issue. They're not even really allowing people to discuss the situation, just look at the thread the owner made to address this: Lots of dick riding the mods, lots of confused people who don't properly understand the situation, and…. absolutely no opposition!

    Keep in mind, neogaf did not properly explain the controversy in depth the way we have. Oh no! They just posted a bunch of emails complaining about the situation, and then tried to make them look like fools, with 'witty' comebacks that always, always, ALWAYS bring up the sex. You wouldn't know that there was a gaming related issue at all, the way they talk.

    Let's just ignore Zoe's history, her behavior, and her relationship with the gaming industry. People only hate her because she's a woman who has lots of sex. There's no relevant discussion to be had here!

    The thing I'm very curious about is almost the universal response from 'the man' to defend this woman. I strongly doubt she's fucking everyone on the neogaf moderating staff to try and twist people's opinions on the situation, but I don't really understand what it is in it for them to protect her in this way. They're clearly covering for her, but why? I don't even think the backlash towards this is anywhere near as harsh as it was towards people like… say, Anita or that Mighty Number 9 girl. What makes Quinn so special?

    She has made a game that she promoted through questionable actions: That is more than enough grounds for discussion.

    • TLH14

      Reading up on all this, it is hardly just her supporters bringing up the sex; there are people legitimately being disgusting about this whole situation.

      But if you could please like to anything dealing with why this is just detrimental as being another piece in the unfortunately large puzzle of journalistic corruption, I'd really appreciate it, because frankly, all the comments I've been reading so far have been really harshing my mellow.

      • Harman_Smith

        I have no idea what you're trying to say to me.

        • TLH14

          Oops, that was a spelling error. I meant to say, "…if you could please link to anything…" Like, places where discussions are happening that are only geared toward this being an issue with gaming journalism and not an issue of Zoe Quinn sleeping around.

          • Harman_Smith

            Well, the comment section of the original video, for one. A lot of the better comment sections surrounding the situation have been deleted, but I'm sure you can find something on reddit if you look deep enough.

            You're going to find people calling her a whore wherever you go, though, because… let's face it… she kind of is.

          • Mythosa

            I'm going to go ahead and say she quite literally is a whore as long as the allegations are true. She is sleeping around, not for money, but for a form of payment, to further her career.

      • Mythosa

        I think the main aspect that many are over looking is that while all the actions are connected, they are entirely different issues. One directly affecting the potential professionalism of gaming journalism, the other is her and her ex-boyfriends personal relationship problems that have grown beyond that into something that is potentially less personal as it can affect the industry, big or small, and thus opens itself to public ridicule.
        Basically it comes down to integrity, and since hers is pretty much gone we should treat it that way. Be done with her and not give her any more of the seemingly much needed attention she craves.

  • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpthURgD8mQHMc_4ckdxKag Matthew Wesley

    There's no escape from this bs.

  • http://fonichedge.deviantart.com TripleMMM

    Blimey, I knew there is a corruption in the gaming journalism, but bloody hell I could not believe it would be this bad… :/
    I mean the whole Anita fiasco was bad enough, but this one sets it up in a whole new meaning. I can see this happening in politics, but in journalism and of gaming no less… Bloody hell! 0.o

  • TwinTails100

    This also coincides with the anti-feminist and mens rights movement. May I suggest a couple of YouTube channels by the names of Feminism LOL and Karen Straughan?

  • android138

    not surprised by this. it is obvious at this point how biased the industry has become. this is why I always recommend complaining threw the channels provided to the reader. leave a massage to the editor. leave feedback on company website. ubisoft's ceo recently stated some reasons their games are not coming to wii u and the reasons are pathetic. imagine if 10% of the wii u base complained about the statement made. ubi needs to tread lightly because I am not investing in ubisoft until a proper port comes our way. even then i dont know if i would buy it. will have to see.

  • GaughEyad

    As Shakespeare once wrote far more eloquently than I ever could:

    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

  • TLH14

    Oh what the hell are you all bitching about now?

    You shits are gonna make me have to take a break from Mario Kart, aren't you?

    • Mythosa

      No, continue Karting it up.

      • TLH14

        Nope, sorry, too pissed.

        I'm gonna have to cover this one in my own little rant.

        And for the record (because I suspect a few people might still have me pegged as a SJW) I am not going to take Zoe Quinn's side; I don't know her beyond a couple of internet articles, so I'm not going to pretend I know anything about her character, but still, my neutral opinion of her is a step above this guy ranting about whatever BS he seems to think is poisoning gaming or whatever (fucker's poisoning my gaming by running his mouth while I'm trying to race). So what if what he says is the truth and Zoe Quinn's a total bitch? He's still an asshole, and frankly I don't want to take either one's side.

        Sorry Francis, I think you made a poor judgement call posting this video.

        • I posted it because it seems like evidence is all there. As far as the truth.

          • TLH14

            Oh boy is there just so much shit surrounding this situation; I totally had no idea what I was getting into, but that still changes little regarding this video.

            I don't care what the fuck Zoe Quinn was doing or what drama is going on between her and her ex, the guy in this video is acting despicably, and there are plenty of other people that just want to use this situation to justify their hatred.

            The evidence might be there, but the wrong hypothesis is being drawn from it; the speaker in this video is using sensationalism of his own, and in general just being a rather dislikable person.

            I have no problem if you want to call out Zoe Quinn on using bullshit tactics to advance herself within the industry, but don't side with InternetAristocrat. The enemy of your enemy is just another enemy.

          • TLH14


            I'm going to try and sleep to calm down and approach this with a fresh head in the morning. We're gonna have to have a talk about this sooner rather than later.

            (This post is as much for Francis as it is for you, Future Tess; don't sleep in, ignore this, and while the day away watching Game Grumps; you've got work to do.)

          • TLH14

            Oh my God, I hate you so much, Past Tess; why do you make me do these things?

    • DylanWins

      Why, of course. We wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Mythosa

    Disclaimer: Strong Language


  • rubix8702

    I get tired of women crying wolf myself (I am a woman, and I work in a prominently female dominated field, nursing). Sometimes what people in general have is legitimate criticism, and that criticism gets taken overboard by anaphylactic reactions. There are real issues regarding women, but I honestly feel gaming isn't one of them.

    • Jamie_Bworth

      Nursing shout out! My soon to be wife is an RN at a big hospital and loves what she does.

      I think what angers me the most about people like Quinn and Sarkeesian is that their particular brand of feminism feels (to me) as if it's disempowering women and turning them into victims, even if they've never been a victim of any kind. As someone that was raised by 4 women, who has had strong women as important figures for his entire life, that kind of attitude just ROYALLY pisses me off! As if to add insult to injury, it turns so many people against actual female gamers, and takes the spotlight away from real issues with women in the industry. Because hey, someone's gotta complain endlessly about Samus' outfit, right?

      • rubix8702

        Awesome-sauce dude! Nursing rocks I'm a trauma RN in the ER and I wouldn't have it any other way lol. This Zoey chick (yes chick) is doing nothing but looking out for herself. It's like counter transference and misguided projections. She acts exactly how she preaches against, but then projects her twisted message on the people trying to call her out. It's the same way with that silly campaign to end the usage of the word "bossy". I can't tell you how stupid I find that. All it is going to do is alienate people from taking them seriously. Meanwhile,women in the middle east and Africa are striving to get basic human rights. I swear the world we live in is backwards.

        • Jamie_Bworth

          My fiance is a cardiac nurse, which she took some time to adjust to, but really loves it now. She's become a huge fan of stethoscopes, haha.

          I have a bit of a crackpot theory that most of the biggest and loudest people in the current 3rd wave feminist movement (not to be confused in prior waves of feminism, which had goals, ambition, and accomplishments) are just like Quinn: manipulative, narcissistic, compulsive liars, who will say and do anything necessary to drag others down to their level.

          • rubix8702

            I would say I have to agree.

  • Harman_Smith

    Yeah, bro. I've seen this already… I was thinking of talking to you about it, actually. But yeah… the industry IS really fucked up. This is just an extremely blatant example of it.

    Personally, I imagine it's because Zoe Quinn is just one person, with no real PR team to speak of. She's clearly extremely manipulative, certainly… being able to delete something from 4chan of all places is no small feat, and she's also found the time to take down other sites attacking her, as specificed by the video. I think she has some skill with computers, so watch out.

  • rubix8702

    Juicy and interesting. It almost sounds like a Faux News story, sorry, Fox news story. That station, along with Rupert Murdoch's entire empire, is based off media manipulation. It seems now evermore this same toxicity has seeped into gaming. Narratives are sounding more erroneous and salacious by the minute. In reality, Kotaku editorials read more like The Enquirer than gaming news.