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The Industry is Doing fine! Like, Totally fine. I Swear - PE Network


Oh, and I have a broken finger and it’s been broken for weeks. Now it’s splinted up and I type like a little old lady. Subscribe to Butterworthy for more amazing videos!

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  • SilverNight

    Most AAA gaming companies are in dire straits. That's the cost of all those high end graphics and the mistreatment of the games themselves. AAA games are becoming all graphics with little to no substance. You add in the day one dlc and the hype train that games never live up to and you have a recipe for disaster. Studios close and it's going to get worse before it gets better. Most games are just riding on other games success and AAA gaming is becoming stale. Too many people who only play sports and shooters boost those games sales while everyone else has been trying to chase those numbers. Realistically those sales numbers are unobtainable because those gamers don't want to branch out into games they haven't heard of.

  • BigDrewDaGamer7

    You would think with the state of condition Sony and Microsoft these third parties would flock to the Wii U and build an audience… But that would require intelligence wouldn't it?

    • JTurner82

      The only way that's going to happen is if Nintendo manages to turn WiiU around and make it successful, but even then it will still be difficult. It's not impossible, though; I'm sure there are still some thirds who may have interest on WiiU in the event it makes the turnaround. Either that or either MS or Sony have to fall.

      I'm not holding out hope for support for EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Take Two or anyone else in the Western industry, though. As for Japan, yes, it IS frustrating that we have yet to hear about any developments, but I still have hope for them. If Nintendo doesn't get Sony-style third party support, then I at least hope they can get great exclusives AND some multi plats, if not all.

      • BigDrewDaGamer7

        I can live with good Japanese support. I mostly play Japanese games anyway. But i just hate the idea of buying another console cause these developers refuse to support Nintendo. Most ppl would say to suck it up and get another console but money spent is money spent u know? I want a PS4 but there aren't enough games to justify the purchase (waiting for Final Fantasy XV)

        • JTurner82

          I agree. But I think it would also be a good idea to get multi plats from franchises that speak best to Nintendo fans as well. The AC games obviously didn't have an audience on Nintendo platforms, and neither did the Batman games or ME3, or Splinter Cell (although to be fair, I wonder if those games WOULD have done well if they weren't gimped and/or delayed). If Nintendo wants to seek out third party multi pats go after the ones that fans will run out and buy, not the ones that won't sell just because.

          • BigDrewDaGamer7

            I have all those games you mentioned on my Wii U and I barely touch them, so you make a point. But I believe the fact they were gimped is the biggest factor for a lack of interest in them, honestly. I don't know why but the hyper realistic grey scale type games don't interest me anymore. They aren't engaging, too easy and most importantly, not that fun. Example, a good third person shooter on the Wii U would be Vanquish. That game would find an audience for sure.

          • JTurner82

            Yes, absolutely. The gimping was another problem, too. I agree that these practices HAVE been quite harmful for WiiU. However, I do not support screwing third parties, because IMO, that would just make the situation for all of us even worse. What I want to see is a compromise be reached between all three sides. I'm tired of all this fighting and suggesting what Nintendo should and shouldn't do. I just want to see things get better. Period.

            BTW, if you want a solid third party title on WiiU, I recommend checking out ONE PIECE UNLIMITED WORLD R. It is quite good (and by the developer of PANDORA'S TOWER). Definitely give it a go.

          • BigDrewDaGamer7

            Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check it out when I finish Shovel knight. Awesome game btw. And yes I agree with you, I want things to be better as well.

    • Hardin25

      It would require some balls and intelligence.

  • GreenMissile4

    Did anybody watch to the end of the video? The most lucrative of mobile games are raking in cash (short term profits obviously) while the big game companies are crashing. It's no wonder people want everyone to go mobile but it won't work. What's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

  • colressx

    you know what i say good ridance the companies outside of nintendo and atlus are doing nothing but shit on gaming to a point where it has almost become modern pop music quality bad and that is terrible in my book

  • http://nintendobserver.com/ DePapier

    You know what would also be awesome? A video on the layoffs in the videogame media industry.

    • SoccerStar9001

      I'd pay to see that

  • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpthURgD8mQHMc_4ckdxKag Matthew Wesley

    That's just the way it is nowadays… also, a portion of those 130 people Nintendo fired in germany were contractors whom Nintendo didn't renew their contract- that's not getting fired but whatever.

    • Jamie_Bworth

      Did you notice the little note I put on that one? Haha.

  • Anvard

    Just you watch as people in the industry say everything is fine or under control like a pilot in a crashing plane insisting that he can fix it till they hit the ground. Xbox saying that Xbox One is not a core business for Microsoft should be ringing alarm bells for anyone. The shut down of multiple studios in the space of a few months, multiple layoffs, companies barely surviving the industry looks so healthy right now. The sad thing is that the executives are still getting ridiculous amounts of money even as the workforce gets slashed and the working conditions for those that remain get worse.

  • SoccerStar9001

    Going third party is certainly going to save Nintendo.
    Look at the success of other third parties! 18000 lay offs? Pff, Nintendo can beat that if they actually go third party.

    • BigDrewDaGamer7

      Nearly spit out my milkshake from ur comment lmfao!

    • timg57867

      The amazing thing is that even if Nintendo went out of business, they STILL wouldn't come CLOSE to topping that number.

  • radar74569

    here comes the crash . i give it 2 more years

  • RRPGReviews

    Amen, Butterworthy. The industry is in complete crap because of many third-parties irrational decisions as well as Sony & Microsoft hemorrhaging money on things that are quite unnecessary.