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The Juice is Loose! #47: Splatoon Hands On, Micro Direct, and More! - Terminator Juice


“The Juice is back with a vengeance! Join myself and my guest as we talk about all the recent gaming topics as well as give our hands on impressions of SPLATOON!!!! Don’t miss this one, because it’s going to be messy!”

Source: Terminator Juice

  • Emufred

    I’m glad they did a micro direct, just to make more space for the big guns in the digital event

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    What’s with the Seinfeld picture

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      Lol, that’s not Seinfeld

      • Hardin Twentyfive

        No, wait It’s… It’s Full House lol

        • BillyNM

          This site needs more editorials on whether a Soup is A Meal.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/Gkerbz4 Kerbizzle

      Wow, how could you mix that up. It’s totally Friends, dude.

      • Hardin Twentyfive

        Don’t mess with my messed up brain! I would know Friends in a heartbeat. That pic isn’t it.
        Going back to Splatoon for therapy