A lot of Troll/Clickbait has been Going up on Nintendo, Please Don’t link that here


Just want to let you guys know I’ve been seeing a ton of troll and click bait articles going up around the web on Nintendo. N4G users are basically approving anything and everything that has to do with Nintendo doom, without looking at the article. Please don’t link that garbage in the contacts section please. 

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  1. GameMaster says:

    This is why Playeressence is the best website for Nintendo fans. Keep up the good work Francis.

    And just to be clear, I'm not saying that this is a Nintendo site, what I'm saying is that this website is better than most Nintendo websites (Wii U Daily, Nintendolife, MyNintendoNews etc.).

    • TehRealBill says:

      ESPECIALLY MyNintendoNews.

      • Anon says:

        mynintendonews is garbage.

        • deax2er says:

          Can't agree more, I'm glad someone else feels as I do about that site.

          • zoogelio says:

            I’m so glad to have found a site that can post articles about Nintendo with clarity, not through a lens Nintendoomed-ly. Every other site has an agenda or has article writers who have no idea there’s more to game companies’ profits & losses than sales figures or are armchair financial analysts with all the perspective of having their head up their *** would have.

      • A Mature Gamer says:

        MyNintendoNews is crap. It has a downright awful community. Not to mention the pure troll bait articles. there's ALWAYS someone there to troll (you thought, Katamari, Donko, ness). The worst part is that Sickr does NOTHING about it. After I left that site, I never turned back.

        • The G Man says:

          Same here My Nintendo News was the worst site ive ever been on

        • DJK1NG says:

          Indeed when I found this site I was like f*** Nintendo Life and My Nintendo News

          Only two gaming website I go on is this and Siliconera for all Japanese Greatness!!

        • zoogelio says:

          True. When I was looking around for reading Nintendo without all the Nintendoomed crap, I came across MyNintendoNews. I wrote it off, figuring it was just a troll site and the Nintendo in the name was sarcastic, that it was not really a pro or even neutral Nintendo site, it was an anti-Nintendo site.

        • venomjamaica says:

          yea I am also done with them. Francis need to email us when he post new articles. Thats how I always check Mynintendonews… i always get email when new posts are up. Please francis you need to implement something like that.

  2. Maestro says:

    We have to wait at least until the end of the month before hearing what strategy they have for the company, and to have more doom troll bait article related, or a big kick in the ass made by Nintendo that will shut them up (temporally)

    • AntiActivity says:

      Won't happen, fanboys, most mainstream gaming sites, and so-called "video games analysts" will always claim doom for Nintendo, regardless of whatever decision they make. Look at the nonstop articles of proclaiming the Wii was nothing but a fad for several years, up until Sony announced the PS Move, that's when the "Wii is a fad" articles finally stopped, and the "Wii is doomed" articles began because it's now competing against the PS Move.

      • DePapier says:

        The media has such a perfect timing you'd believe it was planned — the switch of image from fad to doomed, that is…

        • AntiActivity says:

          That's how these fanboys, most mainstream gaming sites, and so-called "video games analysts" work.

          Here are some comparisons between Nintendo and Sony:
          Sony announced 3D functions for the PS3 to work with their newly marketed 3DTVs, nothing but positive reaction from the media, analysts, and fans. When Nintendo announced the 3DS, the media, analysts, and fanboys proclaim the 3DS is nothing but a gimmick! The 2DS announcement, they proclaim this as Nintendo's admission the 3DS is a gimmick!

          Nintendo announced the Wii U, the media, analysts, and fanboys claims the gamepad is a gimmick and a copy of Remote Play, despite the fact Remote Play was based on a DreamCast peripheral. When Sony announced Remote Play through PS Vita, every media, analysts, and fanboys proclaim this as Wii U's doom. :/

          Notice how they always flip flop everything once it switches over to Sony?

          • PaPierre says:

            They still call the Wii a fad, but blatantly deny such an accusation in regards to the PS2…which was an obvious fad (popular for non-gaming reasons) and even outsold the Wii.

          • RicardJulianti says:

            It's funny…..people will call the Wii a fad, but say that Kinect is the future in the same breath…when the Wii is the reason Kinect exists.

          • hardin25 says:

            Even with Microsoft too. They wanted DRM, they got called out. Sony wanted the same, even publicly said it(after E3), but backed out at E3. ''Sony, my herooooooooo.''
            Sony, King of Flip-Flop.

          • AntiActivity says:

            Yep, the media, analysts, and fanboys indeed do that to Microsoft too, and it's extremely hypocritical. Fanboys turned Sony into some sort of a White Knight just for bailing out from part of their original DRM plans (Only partially since they still allow 3rd party DRMs), not because they actually deserved it. It's an extremely odd behaviour.

          • Dazzla84 says:

            Want a perfect example, the look back to the PS4 launch and the overheating problems being reported, not one of the major websites paid it the attention it needed, infact the first I hard about it was when ninzendo made a video about it and linked it here.

            Its all the mainstream media trying to promote a console war that does not need to exist, they're just video games, plain and simple, its not something to pick one side and fight a corner for like in sports

          • DePapier says:

            I'm sorry but at this point in time I find it undubitable that Sony has marketing strategy behind all this and I really want to find out how it works.

        • The G Man says:

          Dont forget how everyone positioned the Wii and DS(Both Iwata brainchild's) as a fluke.
          Every troll needs to get over the fact that NINTENDO when inspired(SMB, POKEMON, BRAIN AGE, WII SPORTS, ZELDA OOT, NINTENDOGS, THE D-PAD, SM64, 4-PLAYER SPLIT SCREEN, PORTABLE GAMING) blow the competition away they never take the easy road EVER.

          I have faith that Iwata and his team can flip videogames on there head again And thank goodness we have NINTENDO for this because no one else is even trying to do anything different it's just iterative experience after iterative experience only slightly better looking than before it's scary were the industry is going without NINTENDO.

    • hardin25 says:

      By temporarily you mean a few seconds yay you're right.

  3. GRH235 says:

    thanks for keeping the site positive and not negative francis.

  4. Mac says:

    I feel gulity now since this what I've been doing on this site for more than once… I apologize.

  5. GeneralBrown178 says:

    They can doom Nintendo all they want, but in reality Nintendo is going nowhere.

  6. Sarin_VX says:

    I have read a few of these doom/gloom articles on the usual garbage sites. I swear they are the same article with the just a few sentences switched around.

  7. Emufred says:

    LOL there were doom articles about Nintendo? I wouldn't know anymore since I only come to this site and NintendoEverything.

  8. King_Sparkticle says:

    Nintendo sold 200k Wii U units today! Their sales are rising due to the games they've put out!

    - Nintendo sold 400k Wii units in a day in 2010. They're doomed.

    Nintendo made $19,000,000,000 profit this year! That's some amazing results!

    - Sony made $20,000,000,000 profit 8 years ago. Nintendo is doomed.

    I scratched my butt and found a pickle!

    - Nintendo is screwed.

  9. RRPG says:

    Of course when it comes to N4G, they are the definition of attention whores and pieces of human garbage when it comes to Nintendo doom. Yeah, they hardly count as gamers because of their negative bias towards the Big N.

  10. ei8bit says:

    They are Trolls… they are disgusting and stupid and those Websites keep allowing these trolls to rule, then they are worse than trash. Glad this site exist and has good communities. Keep it up and Thank you.

  11. ryuken13 says:

    Thanks Francis. You are pretty busy so regardless of company people should read the article as a courtesy to you.. Doom and gloom articles are kind of boring, attract trolls, and start fanboy wars..

  12. plsburydoughboy says:

    On the side, I have had a lot to complain about N4G, and the stories it does approve. And yes, I still use it. You have to in our field of work.

  13. Gnatagator says:

    This is why I love PlayerEssence. I FINALLY found a site that understood all the Nintendo hate, and when I look back at when I would feel depressed whenever I read MyNintendoNews, it just makes me happier that I found PE.

  14. MortyF1 says:

    I don't see clickbait articles seeing as I never visit Ign. Wii U Daily or any other so called video game site. They all think they are experts so I just stopped going there :)

  15. tjb says:

    I like this site because of the community. I too have tried commenting and being apart of other gaming site community's and they really blew. A lot of Nintendo sites came off as sony and ms eccentric and the feel of the site was affected and therefore the experience was dumbed down by the community. I like sony and micro soft, but I don't hate Nintendo I find it disturbing of the length to which some go to hate Nintendo . All I got to say is keep up the good work Francis.

  16. uptownsoulmonk says:

    Here comes the Thumbs Down King again, here to splash some cold water on the dreamers and bring them back to reality. And i pose this question,

    What is the difference between Negative Nintendo NEWS and ClickBait/TrollBait?

    Now i can understand OPINION pieces being considered ClickBait/TrollBait, but

    "Namco Bandai Named Most “Powerful” Japanese Video Game Company, Sony Drops Sharply, Nintendo Collapses" has a confirmational source to the Japanese article (again if the translation holds up).

    How is this not a LEGIT, albeit, negative new story? Especially when the story suggests that Nintendo is a less powerful Japanese gaming company (compared to sony) although it was "news" when the exact opposite was reported here in the states (AND ON THIS SITE, http://playeressence.com/nintendos-value-is-now-b… ) a couple weeks ago? Not only did you have an article here, Francis, you made a YouTube video all about how Nintendo was now worth more than Sony. So if that is NEWS why isn't this NEWS?

    This feels like Francis purposely not posting "news" that doesn't fit his narrative, instead of being the honest, non-biased, video game NEWS broker he purports himself to be.

    TIME FOR THUMBS DOWN, but please PROVE my post wrong too.

    • Furious Francis says:


      If you have a article you want to submit - put it in the contact section, or it will be deleted.


      Stop trying to make me to be bias where I don't post negative news on Nintendo. I can destroy your example with this:

      I report the news as I see it.

      The main problem I'm having with that certain article is the translations and the calculations they used to figure out the formula.

      The google translate doesn't work on all the text.

      I'll also add that that list is garbage in their calculations. Its not based on actually money in the bank, sales data. The rating system is retarded to where Tecmo Koei is above Nintendo.

      NINTENDO is paying Tecmo Koei to make games for them, not the other way around. Its really based on Nintendo not growing from last year to this year.

      I'm sorry, but Tecmo Koei is not "more powerful" than Nintendo. There are little ass companies that make a fraction of what Nintendo does, far higher on the list.

      But I'll also add, you don't have to come here if you don't like me or the community. There are PLENTY of other sites you can go to. And if you are ONLY coming here to be confrontational, I'm going to ban you. Cause I don't see you ever commenting on the normal news articles.

      • uptownsoulmonk says:

        First off, on the Tecmo Koei argument: this was based on Japanese analysts so your factual dispute is with them. I only offer up that story to show its just as "news" worthy as your article about Nintendo having higher value than sony (whether either story is debatable). "I report the news as I see it." REALLY? Well, if your going to judge the validity of a news story based on whether or not you agree with it, well then just say so. But you wont be an honest gaming news broker then.

        As far as, "if you are ONLY coming here to be confrontational, I'm going to ban you". Look, if you cant handle "intense debate" (which has confrontational undertones) then ban me. You'll be banning me for the aformentioned reason OR because I'm disrupting the delicate pro-nintendo bubble that you have wrapped up in this thinly-veiled non-biased news reporting

        • Furious Francis says:

          I saw the article. Its there "analysis" is not based on cash reserves or even market cap. If a company grew more than Nintendo last month, no matter how small they were, they shot up the list.

          When I report I use JUDGEMENT, and I don't feel their calculations were based on valid judgement. SO I think the its junk.

          I'm banning you because you show up to argue only, don't take the name of the commenting system as the sole purpose for being here.

          Take that crap to IGN dude.

          I proved in the articles I linked that I will indeed report negative news on Nintendo…..HELL here is another one this morning BASED ON FACTS

      • uptownsoulmonk says:

        see francis, "we know there are sites like PlayerEssence that is middle of the road…". Is PlayerEssence middle of the road? I guess we'll know if you ban me. Sure you can sugar coat your reason for banning me and/or your PE Community can sugar coat the reason for you. But your going to know that in order to ban me your going to have to prove that you are in deed a BIAS purveyor of gaming "news" (fair and balanced).

        So, whats it gonna be?

        Let me stay, and continue to disrupt your pro-nintendo ecosystem with my intense (confrontational) debate


        Ban me and show your true BIAS colors?…What'll it be?

        • AntiActivity says:

          From what I've seen in the past, you're not here for proper debates. There was one occasion where I thoroughly provided a lot of counterpoints to your claims with evidence, and you completely ignored my entire post and targeted another response. You only attack people when they don't provide proper evidence, while completely ignoring anyone who can give you a proper argument, and majority of your claims are always without any form of evidence to back up any of your claims. So I don't see you as what you claim to be a "disruption", more like an individual who wants to be an "internet tough guy" because you want to attack this community, since it's actually posting both positive and negative news about Nintendo, without all the troll clickbait articles you desire.

          • uptownsoulmonk says:

            "There was one occasion where I thoroughly provided a lot of counterpoints to your claims with evidence, and you completely ignored my entire post" That was very correct. I should have admitted that i was wrong on your particular points, period. I do however try to debate all replyers of my comments. So for that i'm sorry, i was wrong.

            As far as, "majority of your claims are always without any form of evidence to back up any of your claims", WRONG. I provide sources for almost everything i put forth. Just because you say something doesnt make it so.

            " 'internet tough guy' because you want to attack this community", WRONG again. When i initially commented in this website i was getting thumbs up till I started seeing a lot of negative nintendo news (which does get reported on this site) with a whole lot of sugar coating and caveats that negative news on Sony or MS doesnt get. Then i started speaking up about this and got Thumb Downs ever since.

          • AntiActivity says:

            That's not an admission you're wrong, especially since you continued to attack other people even after I provided the evidence. You're just covering yourself because you're blatantly targeting those who couldn't properly argue with you.

            You only show up whenever Francis didn't post up bias negative sales news from questionable sources. Why don't you ever show up whenever Francis post up positive news articles about MS or Sony, despite the fact most of the information these companies provide tend to be shipment or rounded up numbers? Those are actually considered as sugar coated, because they never provide actual sales numbers. Instead you only show up whenever it's about Nintendo. Which clearly shows you're the one who's biased here. Your comment log clearly shows your bias against Nintendo already.

          • uptownsoulmonk says:

            "Attack other people" thats what you think debate is? To my knowledge i have not offended anybody, called any body out their name. So how am i "ATTACKING" anybody?

            "You only show up whenever Francis didn't post up bias negative sales news from questionable sources." WRONG AGAIN. Ask Francis about the Borderlands comments i made just yesterday. You obviously didnt read it because as long as i go with the flow of the website you dont see it. the moment i question anything, your all over it

            "most of the information these companies provide tend to be shipment or rounded up numbers" No most of the latest numbers from MS and Sony are sales figures and not rounded up. Why do you believe Sony when they give the dismal Vita numbers but question the good PS4 numbers?

          • AntiActivity says:

            It's considered as attacking because you didn't stop even after I have provided the evidence, you could've easily admitted you were wrong and stopped right there. Instead you chose to continue your so-called "debate" with others while ignoring my post completely. That's not a debate, that's definitely an attack, and it's pretty pathetic you're trying to claim otherwise.

            The Vita sales numbers weren't provided by Sony, if you had bothered to read the information, it was leaked by a NPD leaker named creamsugar on neogaf first. Furthermore Microsoft and Sony announced their "sales numbers" before the NPD data collection was even completed, so that's clearly shipment numbers NOT sales numbers. If you bothered to look back on this data without any bias, you would've clearly seen that. Instead you're trying to spin this data into true sales numbers because you don't have actual evidence.

          • uptownsoulmonk says:

            "It's considered as attacking because you didn't stop even after I have provided the evidence, you could've easily admitted you were wrong and stopped right there." You do know that there can be several (many) different arguments contained in one debate. So you proved your argument with evidence, which i should have acknowleged. But other people were bringing their own arguments which i continued to debate. Or was your evidence supposed to blanket all other's arguments?

            "Vita sales numbers weren't provided by Sony, if you had bothered to read the information, it was leaked by a NPD leaker named creamsugar on neogaf first." Okay, if NPD is a reliable source (which i too, think it is) wouldnt it have confirmed (or denied) Sony's claims about the sales of PS4?

            "Furthermore Sony announced their "sales numbers" before the NPD data collection was even completed, so that's clearly shipment numbers NOT sales numbers." It's shipment numbers, only if you believe Sony doesnt have the same fact gathering ability that NPD has on its own product. But i, for one, believe sony has its own internal "NPD-like" apperatus just like every major business has. Meaning they can see how much is shipped and how much is sold independant of one another.

            Furthermore, are you suggesting that i will never find Nintendo having done the same(releasing sales(not shipped) numbers before NPD completed their data?

          • AntiActivity says:

            My counterpoints were for your ENTIRE claims, and your continued argument against the other individual was included in my counterpoint. So your claims here is entirely nullified and childish now, because you're still trying to pretend I didn't cover everything.

            Both of Microsoft and Sony's sales announcements were hours after the launch day, so it's more than clear that it's not based on independent research numbers. The reason why NPD numbers are needed in the first place is due to the fact these companies are only aware of their shipment numbers, NOT the actual sales numbers. Some console stock could be stuck in various locations, warehouses, store shelves, or simply still in transit to various stores. The fact these numbers provided by both MS and Sony in less than 2 days clearly indicates these are merely shipment numbers, since it's not provided at the end of the month by NPD where they collect actual data from these stores. MS and Sony would have to contact each and every store or store chains in North America to even gain an accurate sales number for these consoles, and that's a pretty ridiculous task to perform within 24 hours.

            FYI Sony has been caught providing shipment numbers before, so this is not a new practice by the company.

            I would like to note how it's pretty interesting that you're willing to take Sony's sales claims at face value when they don't even provide evidence, and it's not even provided by NPD, but when it's Nintendo's sales numbers you're raising up a storm here.

        • Gnatagator says:

          Your points don’t make any sense… your just taunting this site’s admin just for the heck of it, hiding behind your lame excuse of “wanting to see if he’s biased or not”.

          There’s JUST AS MANY good articles on Sony and Microsoft as there are for Nintendo. This site shows a great balance of good news and bad news. If it’s all bad gaming news you want to see, go somewhere else. We clearly aren’t asking you to stay here…

          • uptownsoulmonk says:

            "There's JUST AS MANY good articles on Sony and Microsoft as there are for Nintendo." Its not so much the good articles, its the bad articles. Negative Nintendo news is given with an un-healthy amount of sugar coating and caveats. Sugar coating and caveats neither Sony nor Microsoft receive (at least not nearly to the same extent).

        • DePapier says:

          Keep that click money going with your hate, dude.

        • Furious Francis says:

          If you continue to come to my site just to argue, I'll ban you. This is your LAST Warning to STOP what you''re doing. You ignored my negative articles on Nintendo, and focused on one article YOU feel I should post, BUT I DONT.

          I post facts. HERE ARE A TON OF NEGATIVE ARTICLES ON NINTENDO: http://playeressence.com/1-2-billion-is-knocked-ohttp://playeressence.com/nintendos-stock-price-dr

          Your argument falls flat dude….now stop or be banned.

          • uptownsoulmonk says:

            "HERE ARE A TON OF NEGATIVE ARTICLES ON NINTENDO" First, all those articles have been since i've been bringing up the bias so i'm sure you've been looking more closely at what you write. And second, you provide as much sugar coating and caveats as you can to negative nintendo news (what did you say about the PS4 outselling Wii U lifetime in 2weeks?, CAVEAT: UK's gaming community is so small that it doesnt matter). That example was just off the top of my head. Third, just yesterday i brought constructive criticism to one of your direct posts. You even replied that "it may be crazy enough to work". Now i know our campfire buddies paid it no attention because it was positive thoughts on the Wii U, but you saw it

            And finally, look, if you dont want intense Debate, just say so. I'll leave. If all you want is you and your campfire buddies to sing Kumbaya, just say so. But i will continue to bring the intense debate

          • GRH235 says:

            Man, you're such a tool smh.

          • tturpin says:

            Ignore him he's a Sony fanboy which means that arguing with him is useless.

          • GRH235 says:

            Roger that @-@

    • DePapier says:

      You literally asked for that thumbs down so I offered it to you. You need to have more faith in your message if you ever want it to be more interesting.

      • Healthy Competition says:

        Although, I agree that asking for thumb downs or acknowledging those thumb downs will come is not a smart way to start a debate; in the end, no matter the message and his/her faith/confidence in it, he/she will still likely get voted down. He/She has a view/opinion that it is not reflected with the rest of the community, and he knows it.

  17. Shannon Kyanzaki says:

    At least we know there are sites like PlayerEssence that is middle of the road and will not bash Nintendo even when they are doing their worst.

  18. zoogelio says:

    Anyone know what dimensions a Wii U gamepad would have to be to be that big, assuming that planet is Earth?

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