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Bayonetta 2 Giveaway!!! - Terminator Juice


In honor of Yves Guillemot’s idiotic statements yesterday, I have decided to take that $60 that I was going to spend on Watchdogs, and put it towards an extra copy of Bayonetta 2 and do a giveaway!!! Watch this video for all the details!!!

Source: Terminator Juice

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  • ningamer

    I really like that move, buying 2 copies of b2, one for giveaway!I hope more Nintendo fans on youtube do the same thing, also watch dogs doesn't deserve to sell any copy on the wii u, after all the bs from ubisoft CEO, am done with ubisoft.

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    Sorry, Monseiur Guillemot… I'm cancelling my Watch_Dogs U pre-order and purchase Bayonetta 2 instead! 'Nuff said.

  • Hardin25

    I'm in. Well i was already in since i participated in previous races, but now i got something to win.

  • DylanWins

    Sweet! I like free stuff.

  • diendongditch

    That's a good idea. I'm going to buy two copies of Bayonetta 2 when I have the money and keep one sealed. Forever. I was going to use that money for Watch Dogs but they can go ahead and cancel it and I wouldn't care.

  • abGZinc88

    Is Hawaii included?

    • TLH14

      Continental United States is excluding Hawaii and probably Alaska in this context as well. Technically, a better term for Terminator Juice to use would've been Contiguous United States, which pretty exclusively refers to the 48 adjoining states and Washington, D.C.

      Of course, that is assuming Alaska is excluded from this giveaway, but it probably is, seeing as the reasoning is shipping costs; it would be cheaper to include Canada.

      • abGZinc88

        Poopie, oh well, the tournaments were at inconvenient times for me anyways (I have to drop off my sister at work then go to tutoring shortly after the tournament starts today) and this Saturday I'm busy.

        I'd be more bummed if my brother didn't already agree to buy Bayonetta 2 as my birthday gift (although if I got this, then I could've asked him to buy Smash for my birthday, maybe I'll ask my dad, haha). I'M BROKE!

        • TLH14

          Sucks, doesn't it?

          • abGZinc88

            Well, it has led me to be even more picky with games so considering the fact that I haven't regretted a single videogame purchase I've made in the past 2 years, it's not all that bad because when I wasn't broke, I would buy games that I simply just found interesting or would listen to hype and would end up being disappointed and wasting my money.

  • http://nintendobserver.com/ DePapier

    The simple fact that you can do that means that we the gamers actually have power. It reminds me of when I spent my Rayman Legends money on Need For Speed Most Wanted U and I really don't regret it. 😀

    I couldn't make it to previous races because I was out of home and didn't have access to my Wii U. Now that I'm back I'll be here on Saturday.

    I'm not in the U.S. so I can't participate in the giveaway but I don't care I'm supporting.

    Yves Guillemot's first name is pronounced like "Eve." The "-es" are silent, and the "Y" is pronounced "ee." But you've got it right towards the end of the video, and you're right it's not like there's any reason to care. :)

    • TLH14

      Well, there are other people named Yves. There's probably some Good Guy Yves out there, just trying to live an honest life of saving little children and puppies from house fires, that's completely unaware of our own Scumbag Yves that's sullying the name.

      • http://nintendobserver.com/ DePapier

        I agree.

  • itsonlyron

    Hell yeah! I'll part-take in the tournament! Thanks for sharing Francis ^__^

  • TLH14

    Oh my God, that thumbnail.

    Can I be Ubisoft, please?

    • DylanWins

      A purple pikmin kissing Bayonetta in her holy spot?

      Now that's some kinky shit. Although that would be something my best friend would watch.

      • TLH14

        Oh God, ew! >_<

        Francis! You need to change my avatar back now!

      • WSJ4L

        Yes, my best friend would be veeeery excited at the kinkiness.

        Something tells me we're not talking about the same thing.

        • DylanWins

          Well I'm talking about an actual friend of mine. I don't know what you're talking…

          Oh…uh… Well… Good luck with your masterpiece again?

    • TerminatorJuice

      Nice one you perv! ; ) Lol! Well anyway, you just earned yourself two entries already by winning tonight's tournament! Way to go!

      • TLH14

        I can't wait to win all the rest! : P

        • TerminatorJuice

          Must have been nice to get all those points against the CPU! ; )