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“Games need to grow up!” - Butterworthy


“This nonsense really needs to stop.”

Source: Butterworthy

  • CapableTie

    Gaming shouldn’t be taken politically. It should be just about fun.

  • Mythosa

    Good video butter.
    I personally didn’t play depression quest. I to have went through depression as well and I would prefer to never go through that again, in reality or virtually. In some respects I think they’re might be a bit too much freedom in development, but that’s actually not all that much to do with this game. Back on topic though, it’s like you said, you, or I, feel nothing when depressed. I want sad, or angry, certainly not happy or excitable. Like you said, like a zombie. Is just nothing. No desire for anything,I also lost any worry about work and sustainability. The only thing I actually cared for was my wife, who was actually there for me but I had put up a metaphorical wall so it didn’t matter. I did end up going to the doc after some time and… Stuff, and was put on anti depressants that helped me feel, but not like myself. I ended up making a decision to go of then and just try to force meeting to get better. It worked. Amazing what even a forced smile can do. Chemicals and hormones.
    Anyway! Good video.