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Miyamoto says Mario will Lead the way Next-gen for Nintendo - PENetwork#6


The PE Network discusses Miyamoto’s statements on the next major Mario game coming to the Wii U’s successor.

Source: PE Nintendo

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  • edniceU

    Let's just hope Miyamoto actually has some involvement in the next Mario game.

  • PrimusOrion

    Nintendo is not going to let Third parties mess things up with the next home console. It shall be games galore.

  • rbmoura85

    I want a "colect 120 stars" mario game for the wii u! I bought the wii u expecting this and im hugely disapointed if a game like this doesnt come for the wii u. Nintendo will lose alot of my respect if they dont release another real 3d mario game for the wii u because 3d world, great as it was, it wasnt a true 3d mario game! Fans shouldnt accept that! Ive supported the wii u while a lot of people just bash the system and now i want nintendos full support.

    • rbmoura85

      I cant believe youguys disliked my comments. I like nintendo very much but i think it is fanboyism to just accept that they will not release for the wii u a game that was assumed to be coming when u bought the system.

      • FrancisPE2

        It's not "fanboyism" to disagree with your comment, since your comment isn't inherently "Right".

        You saying 3D World isn't a true 3D Mario game is not a correct statement, and people are free to disagree with you. ESPECIALLY when your comment is controversal and NOT fact.

        It is NOT fanboyism to disagree with that statement. I disagree with that. Super Mario 3D World is LEAGUES better than Sunshine, and some people are saying that was a "true" Mario game….

        • rbmoura85

          If you are being honest with yourself its pretty evident that 3d world wasnt a triple A mario game. I think its a great game but it has the same generic feel of the "new" series and not, by any chance, the same level of investment found in games like Mario 64, Sunshine or Galaxy.

          Just look at the intro of the game and you pretty much know you are playing a secondary mario game. I think that you guys are "ok with this" because u just wanna see nintendo win over the competition, and you are not thinking about your rights as a loyal nintendo consumer.

          • And I think its pretty evident that Super Mario Sunshine had camera and control issues. Yet you're here calling it a "true" 3D Mario game over Super Mario 3D World that was far more polished, had co-op play (first 3D Mario game to feature 4 player co-op, did Sunshine do that?), better/smoother framerate, better level design, more features, more powerups, ect.

            You say it has a generic feel but its not generic at all. Once again, YOUR OPINION IS NOT FACT.

            Its only your opinion, and please don't tell me what is evident and not. Last time I checked you're not on the development team for Nintendo, nor do you even have a grasp of what AAA is. Super Mario 3D World was not a "secondary Mario game" considering its was made by Tokyo EAD's LEAD team. New Super Mario Bros 2 is a secondary Mario game.

            Its not that I'm "OK" with anything. I don't share the same opinion as you so you try to rationalize by putting stupid reasons like you want to see NIntendo win over the competition? What? That has NOTHING to do with this conversation.

            MY OPINION: Super Mario 3D World is better than Sunshine. And Super Mario 3D World is a TRUE 3D Mario game, deal with it.

          • rbmoura85

            Well, when this next mario game comes out, be it for the wii u or for other system, or maybe if nintendo decides to release a Sunshine or Galaxy HD, you will understand how short of Wii U's potential for a mario game "3d world" really falls. They could make an epic, pixar level mario game, instead of a "multiplayer spin of". You will understand when u see it.

          • @rbmoura85

            And when Nintendo finally gets around to releasing the GameCube games on the Wii U virtual console, you'll understand that Sunshine had framerate, control and camera issues…. and isn't even in the same league as Super Mario 3D World.

          • BillyNM

            As fun as Galaxy is, people seem to forget that many levels within the galaxys recycle large portions of the same levels. Even the comet stars happen on pre existing stages.

            Cool game and everything, but people downplay the recycled content…. Mario 3d World has like only one remixed world, post game…

          • BillyNM

            I don't get these people that claim to like Nintendo but claim a 3d Mario isn't a true 3d Mario. Lol, Its similar to the 64 Mario, but just because it has varied 3d angles people complain.

            I think theres alot of people pretending to like Mario, but arent really into it. You could argue Galaxy didn't really feel as characteristic of Mario games as 3D World did… Wasn't Galaxy supposed to be a different game without Mario? So what does that make it? lol…

            Yet 3D World added a bunch of new stuff. I think ActiveGamer's video about people hating change makes alot of sense…

            3d World was epic, whether graphics obsessed types like it or not… And it still looked dope and added new ideas…

            I think most real gamers would agree Super Mario 3d World is the best 3D Mario from an overall Gameplay, fun and ideas standpoint. Its the smoothest 3d Mario, and one of the most varied for home console.

          • rbmoura85

            The diference between mario 3d world and other traditional "3d marios" (the 120 stars type), is in the focus of the gameplay. Tradicional 3d mario focuses on exploration, while 3d world focused on going from point A to point B, like any 2d mario. The diference in level of "investment" that i refer to is more about "creative investment", meaning that mario 64, sunshine and galaxy are simply more complex games, that require much more effort to make. 3d world, great as it is, its more like A Link Between Worlds…its "3d", but would you ever take albw to represent the same level of creative investment as u find in zelda u? Look, i was there when mario 64 was released, and i know 3d world isnt the same type of experience. When nintendo releases another full blown 3d mario, you will understand that.

          • Mythosa

            I think it's funny you call a 3D Mario game traditional. There is very little traditional about them and they are each quite different for the most part. Mario 64 broke boundaries like crazy with a fully 3D world and nothing blocked off and was free to traverse. Sunshine has entirely different mechanics than 64, the only things they really shared in common were that they were 3D. Galaxy reverted back a bit to try something different again in a 3D world with different gravity effects and small planets.
            Each are as different as the other. 3D World has some more dissimilarities but is still 3D and is one of the prettiest and clanest looking Mario games ever made but it chose to emphasize a multiplayer aspect which isn't an easy task. Not many 3D games have been able to pull of the quality of multiplayer that is shown in 3D World.

          • rbmoura85

            the "traditional" type focus on exploration, as i said, despite the paricularities of each game.

          • BillyNM

            Just because it wasn't what you wanted, doesn't make it an untrue 3d Mario.

            3D World had hidden areas to explore. It also had some of the most difficult post games levels with alot of creativity. It had varied camera angles for different types of levels. Ironically there are plenty of tough moments you can't move the camera in Galaxy…

            That was a full blown Mario game, with remixed elements… There is similar stuff in some of the Galaxys… Theres alot of linear stuff in the Galaxy games too…

            Sorry it wasn't gimmicky enough for you, but this supposed "innovation" and scale in Galaxy is grossly exaggerated at times…

            If you really need that filler content, then im not really sure your enjoying 3d Mario for the fun and gameplay. Maybe you like just games based on quantity and less on quality… Judging a games scope on its camera angles is kind of whack, imo…

            From a 3d Mario game point of view, 3d World is arguably the best in many areas. Seems you just want to play Mario for a graphics thing or something?

            You could just say you only like gimmick Mario games if that is your thing… This game had plenty of new things and the 3 star system in a 3d Mario game was fun…

          • BillyNM

            There are hidden stamps and stars within 3d World levels, along with areas to explore. There are many hidden levels too. That argument doesn't really hold up, given you still need to get to point A to point B in Galaxy….

          • Mythosa

            It's just a different Mario. All good games if you ask me. I like the variety. If it was always the same it would become boring, kind of like how they over did the 2D Mario games over the last few years. 3D World is great in that it's superb multiplayer.

          • rbmoura85

            Not against "3d world". I love it. Probably even more then you guys, as i think smb3 is the best mario game ever. Just wish nintendo had done a traditional 3d mario also, as i bought the wii u expecting a game like this. I also expected third party support, wich is not happening, but i can leave with that. The fact that nintendo is not making (apparently) a mario game in the vein of the "collect 120 star" type, for the wii u, is that is disapointing to me. And disrespectful to me as a consumer.

          • Mythosa

            That entire comment make very little sense.
            You seriously need to quit assuming things. You have no idea of my like of 3D World nor anyone else on this forum. When you make broad assumptions like that it eats away at your credibility and people will be less likely to take your seriously. That is actually disrespectful.
            There was never a 3D Mario on the NES or SNES, or hand helds with the exception of the 3DS. 3D World is indeed a main studio first party offering and it shows. Just because you were expecting something different doesn't make it wrong, nor is it disrespect lol.
            It sucks that you are disappointed though, not much you can do about that, although if you do like 3D World as much as you say you do, there really shouldn't be a reason for you to be disappointed.
            If, Nintendo keeps making similar games with similar objectives they will become stale and boring even if they are amazing games. Kind of like with NSMBU after all the other NSMB games in such quick succession. Mario games have been recreated many times, this isn't the first or will it be the last.

          • rbmoura85

            I said "probably", and i justified that with my love for smb3, wich is a game that has highly influenced super mario 3d world. I loved 3d world because it felt like an old school mario in HD, and by old school, i mean "nes old school", but certainly not in the vein of mario 64. From now on ill be very carefull before i buy another nintendo system. The main reason i buy it is because of zelda, but what if for the next system they release a 2.5D zelda instead of a real 3d one. Not sure if i want a new system just for that.

          • Mythosa

            Semantics aside. An assumption is still an assumption.
            Do what you want. It's your loss if you choose not to buy a console. Only you can decide what you find is a justifiable reason to purchase a system. Although, again, since you say that 3D World is your favorite Mario game, I see no reason why you wouldn't be happy with it as a Mario offering for the console.
            The funny part is that Nintendo has never said they would be making another game like Mario64, Sunshine or Galaxy for the Wii U or any other console actually, you came to that conclusion all by yourself.
            If they release a 2.5D Zelda game I done overly care, I just expect it to be a good game. A link between world's is a great game, I would have no issues with more games like that. I'm not sure where the 3D>2D mentality has come from. I would take DK:TF over DK64 any day and A Link to the Past is one of my favorite Zelda games.
            Hope you can start enjoying games for what they are, and not for what they aren't.

          • rbmoura85

            Yes, i came to that conclusion by myself, since you know, back from the nes era, when 2d mario was the main line series, every new nintendo console came with a new one, and then n64 came along and every new nintendo console started to come with another 3d mario as a main line mario game. So, yes, i came to expect it. Right now, not only i cant expect third party support, but i cant even expect nintendo to make the games that i used expect from them.

            oh, and dont come tellling me about 3d versus 2d. Do you think ive started to play zelda with wind waker? Alttp is the greatest zelda ever! But im talking about money, about my rights as a loyal nintendo costumer, who nas never even bought a playstation or an xbox. I will not blindly buy new nintendo hardware anymore, because i cant safely assume that the most essential nintendo games will come to it.

          • Mythosa

            Omg. Waa waaa Waa. Get over it. You just said the Mario offering on the Wii U is your favorite. Get a grip seriously. I have attempted to have a normal conversation with you, but you just sound like a spoiled brat that got the basketball instead of the football you wanted. Deal with it.

          • rbmoura85

            i said "smb3 is the best mario", meaning super mario bros 3.

          • Mythosa

            Yeah, whatever, I misread it. Who cares. If you don't like the game move on and quit bitching. Nobody cares anymore. You are like a whining child.

          • FrancisPE2


            How can you possibly tell how much other people here like 3D World compared to you?

            Your credibility as a poster is starting to evaporate into thin air. You have never met us, don't know who we are, or how much we like 3D World….. yet you say stuff like:

            "Not against "3d world". I love it. Probably even more then you guys"

            WHAT? LOL

          • rbmoura85

            I cant tell! but ive said that "probably", yes, iveprobably enjoyedthat game more then other people. So what? This discussion wasnt about who liked 3d world better, but about if 3d world was a game of the same genre as mario 64 and if nintendo has had letted us down by not releasing a mario game of that kind. jesus.

    • SoccerStar9001

      I am pretty sure Nintendo is supporting to the fullest.
      While the next "true" Mario might not be for Wii U, I am positive we will game some excellent Mario games (along with others Nintendo IPs)!
      Hell, might be best if Nintendo start doing other IPs first. No Zelda yet, No Metroid yet, No Starfox yet, blah blah blah.
      That is a lot of games! Nintendo might not have enough time to squeeze another Mario game in!
      But I can guarantee if they can, they will.

      • rbmoura85

        I hope! But i hate hearing miyamoto talk about next systems so soon…Overall im pretty glad with my wii u. I just thought it was inconsiderate of nintendo not to make a "collect 120 stars" exploratory type of mario for the wii u, specially since we bought this machine just to play their games, really.

    • rbmoura85

      Just to end this because im not gonna answer anymore. I came to expect, with every nintendo console, a mario game that would take advantage of that console in the fullest.
      Super Mario 3d World isnt that. And i think that, because of wii us strugles, nintendo decided to postpone the real 3d mario totheir next system, and this makes me feel cheated, and very disapointed with this company that ive came to trust. Thats it. Good bye.

  • bytemanbz

    Leading with a Mario Galaxy-like experience, or Sunshine 2 would kick ass. But they also need a strong Sports sim division, or else, there won't be enough at the onset to seperate them from the Wii U. Nintendo Baseball 2016 (2017?) Could give the company a different enough look to bring third-parties back into the fold, as well as give long-reigning champion The Show a run for it's money.

  • hawkssuns08

    I'm okay with this. Curious where they take Mario from here….