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Nintendo has a Brand new Wii Sports Club Commercial Featuring Tennis SuperStar Andre Agassi

Wii Sports Club

Nintendo has just uploaded a brand new TV commercial for Wii Sports Club on Wii U. And it features former tennis Super Star Andre Agassi (my favorite tennis player!). Check it out past the link, its actually quite good.

The Wii U is starting to build some positive momentum. The Media Create charts have the Wii U selling near 40K.

Nintendo does not take online play seriously or market the Wii U…..DERP.

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10 Responses to Nintendo has a Brand new Wii Sports Club Commercial Featuring Tennis SuperStar Andre Agassi

  1. hardin25 says:

    Can't wait to beat someone in Tennis tomorrow!!! That's my sport. Matter of fact, time to turn the Wii on and get to training!!!

  2. siu leung says:

    Will probably be the only way for me to even come close to beating a pro at his own game. :)

  3. timg57867 says:

    Wow. They're actually advertising this even though it's download only at the moment. Awesome! Hope we get the same treatment in the US. Next to actual games, TV advertisements are what the Wii U needs now more than anything. Here's hoping Nintendo can make a good commercial that focuses on the Wii U in general and not just on a game coming to it.

  4. frankie4fingers83 says:

    Fantastic commercial.

  5. ZainreFang says:

    Wii Series Games, the only type of games your Female Spouse/Daughter/Mother can beat you at.

  6. donzaloog says:

    Ha! That was actually funny. Great commercial.

  7. Matthew Wesley says:

    Well, I can tell you right now, if I have to play Andre Agassi online… I forfeit right now.
    *Although I wouldn't mind playing those Williams sisters! :)

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