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PE Network Vidcast #7 - E3 TIME, The Big Show LiveStream (9 AM PT/ 12 Noon ET)


We’re back with another PE Network Vidcast before the big show! E3 predictions, most anticipated games and more!


    He is correct, they should have never awakened the snoozing giant in Nintendo. Now they are entering the mobile market on their own terms. It is over for all mobile game makers.


    If it is Banjo Kazooie, it will not interest me one single bit, because Yooka Laylee is being made by the original creators of Banjo. Microsoft I tell you lol!

    • Prütsa

      If Microsoft announce any Rareware ip:s it will pain me immensly (old wounds don’t heal easily when people continue pouring salt in them), but i’m glad we are getting Yooka Laylee.


    No voice chat makes me very very happy.