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PE X Nintendo #72: Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 & Xenoblade OH MY!

PE X Nintendo 72 YT CC

Nintendo hits another home run with their recent Direct. I go over my highlights of the show including Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 DLC,  and Xenoblade Chronicles X! In the main topic, I discuss how Nintendo should consider making more JRPG for Wii U.

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  • Dark Shidara

    Agreed on the RPG point of view Nintendo needs to bring Fire Emblem, Baten Kaitos, Soma Bringer, Golden Sun, Advance Wars & the one that would make everyone buy a Wii U: Pokémon MMO.

    • Mythosa

      Unfortunately I think Bandai Namco owns Baten Kaitos IP. I would love to see more of them though. Oddly enough I just started playing the second one again yesterday.

      • Dark Shidara

        Yeah i know about that but it doesn't mean that Nintendo can't fund the game like they did with Bayonetta 2 or at least put both games on the e shop.

  • abGZinc88

    I've always found JRPGs to easily be the best value in gaming so I would love for more JRPGs to make their way to the Wii U.

  • ZainreFang

    I need Splatoon. Now.

  • PrimusOrion

    Gaming is wonderful. Great video Francis. RPGs as of next year shall be a major share holder of time on the WiiU.

  • hawkssuns08

    Yeah, RPGs aren't common on Nintendo's consoles.

    I totally agree on Golden Sun! Where the heck is the sequel, especially with THAT cliffhanger!?

  • UncannyOmninaut

    You know I have actually had the same thought that I would love to see a Golden Sun game on the Wii U. Usually I don't care if primarily handheld series skip home consoles since I'm perfectly capable of playing them on said handhelds. I'm one of those persons who doesn't buy into the idea of console supremacy anyway. (Handhelds are truth.)

    However, when it comes to Golden Sun I've always felt that they should take the series unique aspects and push them further and the Wii U specifically I think is a system to do it. Why the Wii U could evolve Golden Sun into all kinds of places has nothing to do with its hardware power but everything to do with the gamepad and the fact it has a bigger touch screen than the 3DS. I've always felt that Golden Sun's weakness always came from its Final Fantasy trappings like random battles and the turn based combat with menu screens. Instead I would like to see all combat action controlled on the touch screen like seeing all the Djinn at once so once could choose which to use and perhaps make the summons through drawing sigils like in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Perhaps even have all the enemies visible on the screen like Xenoblade or Chrono Trigger.

    • Prime313

      It would be hard to convince me that there is an RPG franchise/genre that could not be improved with the gampad.

      Turn-based: You took the words out of my mouth, I would love to see a traditional RPG (especially Golden Sun) that got rid of menus in favor of the gamepad.

      Kingdom Hearts: Gamepad magic casting panel, nuff said.

      Xenoblade: Gamepad map, which has already been confirmed for XCX lol.

      SRPGs: I really don't think one needs to explain how the gamepad could downright revolutionize these.

      That's just the first that come to mind, I believe there to be a lot more. I think we should see a similar amount of handheld and home console RPGs that play to each side's strengths. However, sadly, the market for home console RPGs just isn't as big as it used to be. But I'm hoping that XCX and games like it might kickstart new interest.

  • UncannyOmninaut

    Actually Legend of Zelda is an Action Adventure game. All mainline Zelda's have been Action Adventure games meaning they have more in common with point and click adventure games than they have with RPG's. At its very core Zelda is a puzzle game.

    This isn't an uncommon misconception that Zelda is a RPG and I often wonder why people have such difficulty to identify the series genre? Is it because all video game RPG's have their roots in tabletop RPG's that causes this confusion? Tabletop RPG's especially Dungeons & Dragons and its ilk can only simulate dungeon crawling through imagination and abstract rules while Legend of Zelda is a dungeon crawler.

    • I never claimed Zelda was an RPG. I said it has RPG elements…. which it does…

      I even said that Xenoblade Chronicles X is the first major RPG Nintendo has made on Wii U. If I thought Wind Waker HD, a Zelda game, is an RPG, why would I say XCX is the first one?

      • UncannyOmninaut

        Ah, my mistake. It is true that you did mention that XCX was the first Wii U RPG, I need to pay more attention. True some Zelda games have RPG elements like leveling up through experience points but I would argue that it is the other way around that most RPG's have elements from Adventure games.

        I think the reason I commented is because I have seen people who do think that Zelda is an RPG which has always confused me.

  • rubix8702

    It's the "Master Cycle" dude lol. I liked your spin though.

    • It's called the Eponator in Germany. lol

      • rubix8702

        Cool name lol, I had no idea.

    • UncannyOmninaut

      Spin? Nice one!

  • markwang125

    I have a feeling we are going to see more RPGs in the future; for example, there is probably going to be a standalone Fire Emblem on Wii U, and Square Enix could make the "Bravely" series of games a staple JRPG franchise on Nintendo (sort of like Final Fantasy on PlayStation). Nonetheless, really cool stuff from Xenoblade Chronicles X, I can't wait to get it next year.

  • http://nintendobserver.com/ DePapier

    I share that opinion. I think it is mindblowing that there has been no RPG from Nintendo on the Wii U in 2 years of its lifespan. Maybe there's a reason to that, I don't know.

    Golden Sun would be really sweet on the Wii U. It's a franchise that on handhelds has been really graphically intensive, so from that standpoint alone, bringing it on in Wii U HD with the same kind of know-how would just blow people away.

    With Miyamoto saying: "I cannot discuss any of the details today, but amiibo has the potential to propose new ways to play card games," a card amiibo Baten Kaitos would be surreal.

    • JTurner82

      Try PIER SOLAR HD. It was just released on the eShop. It is quite good (and old school!)

      • UncannyOmninaut

        Is it only on the North American eShop? I certainly have not seen it on th European eShop. Then again we here in Europe just got Shovel Knight so it might be a while before Pier Solar lands on our shores.

        • JTurner82

          It's not even on the European eShop? Gosh, I didn't know that. I'm sorry to hear.

          • UncannyOmninaut

            I think it is going to come later just like Shovel Knight.

      • http://nintendobserver.com/ DePapier

        It's not out in Europe yet so I'm watching a friend play it on Miiverse and it's just a lot of fun. :)

    • UncannyOmninaut

      In my experience RPG's are usually mid to late gen games when it comes to console life cycles. Correct me if I'm wrong but I can't recall a single console launch that had an RPG's as its launch title. Even the 3DS took about a year and half to get its first RPG outside Japan which if I remember correctly was Dream Drop Distance. Even in Japan the RPG's didn't start to come out until a full year later. While that year might be relatively speaking a short time but you have to factor in longer development cycles on home consoles not to mention what ever resources HD development requires. If the Wii U is going to have more RPG's then expect them much later. We are at least going to get some form of Mario RPG whether it be Paper Mario or otherwise.

      However, if people want RPG's then I recommend handhelds since I firmly believe it will get its lion share of all 8th gen RPG's. Wii U might get a few here and there and most of them could be the greatest RPG's ever created but I don't think it is going to be known as the RPG console. Console RPG's I feel are going to be a rare breed indeed for the near future. As Matthew Wesley often points out a good RPG is defined by its story, characters and mechanics and not by its visuals or how much technology it requires. Handhelds and especially the 3DS is strong enough to provide everything an excellent RPG needs. Granted as I said the few console RPG's we are going to get, at least from Nintendo, I think are going to be utterly amazing and will be games that can only be realized on a console. However, expect just one of them. I don't think we are going to see another RPG like Xenoblade Chronicles X in this generation.

      • markwang125

        Very true my friend; speaking of RPGs, getting Tales of Hearts R on Veteran's Day! So psyched.

      • Saleem Rasul

        Xbox 360 had blue dragon at launch - unfortunately that game didnt do too well.

      • http://nintendobserver.com/ DePapier

        I think we're gonna see quite a few big RPGs from Nintendo on the Wii U along with XCX, it's just that XCX is the first one: Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, I'm sure sometime down the line there will be a Wii U Fire Emblem, I believe in a Baten Kaitos, I believe in a Golden Sun… Nintendo is aiming to take control of the Japanese gamer in my opinion, and I think they're aware they'll need RPGs to do that. XCX is just the first step in understanding how to conquer that market.

  • JTurner82

    Speaking of JRPGs, I just recently downloaded PIER SOLAR HD, and so far I really like it. It's retro and old, but there's a nostalgic charm to it and I think it's a very solid effort for a first RPG. A lot better than CHILD OF LIGHT, IMO.

    (I made a more elaborate comment on the YouTube video, but yes, I agree. More JRPGs are a must for WiiU. Seriously. Somebody get Nintendo to commission more!)

    I also stand by my view that DQXI, KH3 and even FFXV (even though my excitement level for that game has dropped to zero) should at least be considered for WiiU. A new TALES wouldn't hurt either. Somebody get SE and Atlus on board WiiU!

    Oh, and THE LAST STORY could sure use a sequel. Mistwalker, where art thou? WiiU needth thou for JRPG loveth.