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PE X Nintendo #73: Nintendo’s ‘Next-gen’ Systems Discussion


I discuss possible ideas for Nintendo’s next console and portable. Subscribe to PE Nintendo here!

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  • FalconLawnch

    Ideally, every game would be playable across all Nintendo platforms at the appropriate graphics settings after buying it once, just like on PC. For pricing, I think the sweet spot would be somewhere from $129.99 to $149.99 for the handheld and $199.99 to $249.99 for the home console - both will need an aggressive price to entice today's average consumer.

    When it comes to third parties, the only companies I really want Nintendo to court are Japanese developers, since a properly executed unified platform could reignite both the Japanese and Western markets for JRPGs. Having mainline Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and most of the B-tier franchises under a single roof would be massive, and I think it would benefit everyone involved.

    Here's something I've seen very few people discuss; Iwata mentioned that they've historically only been able to support one handheld and console in a generation because their resources would be spread too thin otherwise, but that a unified architecture and universal game library could allow them to make more platforms. What do you guys think they could be?

    • JTurner82

      I agree with the above. Wholeheartedly. And in the event that FFXV and KH3 fail to launch this gen, get both on the next Nintendo system!

  • it068

    I think the Nintendo fusion is a brilliant idea. If in roughly 2017, Nintendo announced simultaneously a successor to the 3DS and Wii U which cost about $150/£110 and $250/£180 respectively and had roughly the power of the PS Vita and PS4 respectively, they would do really well. The two consoles could link seamlessly, and have compatible architecture so one copy Super Smash Bros 5 (for example) could run on both systems with the only change being a graphical one.
    This would eliminate game droughts, as Nintendo wouldn't have to support 2 systems at once, and allow Nintendo fans to more cheaply and easily get both a home console and portable experience. Seems win-win to me.
    The ONE downside is that this unorthodox set up would probably make 3rd parties moan even more than they do already, so I doubt it's 3rd party support would be that great. Still, most Nintendo fans either a) Own a PS4 to play these or b) Don't care, either way.

  • Undead1972

    Nintendo tend to stick with a 5-6 year lifespan with their home console's so i think you'll be looking at 2018 or longer for their next platform at which point games will mainly be sold in digital form at which i see PE's theory being most logical with a handheld & home console running on similar architecture like a mid & hi end pc with the game adapting according to what your playing on & i also see 3rd parties going towards streaming services to eliminate port costs & most of nintendo's 3rd party support coming from these services but this is nintendo so who knows what their really gonna do the only thing you can count on is that they won't be making the same mistake they did with the wiiu launch again

  • Kaloi2

    If only Nintendo was more strict on the shovelware, it destroyed the Wii

    • ColressX

      The Higthest selling system is the one that has the higthest shovelware the SNES had ton of Shovelware the NES had ton of shovelware the ps1 and 2 and even the ps3 even if it dint sold the higthest soo I dint care too much for It had shoveware Argument

      • NGX159 (KhAnime G)

        SNES is my favorite console of all time, even I agree that it had its share of shovelware. Shaq Fu, Lester the Unlikely, Batman Forever, etc.

        • JTurner82

          The SNES was the best IMO. I've been rooting for each Nintendo console since N64 to live up to it.

  • Gamingfan

    Don't know if I'll get Nintendo's next console.

  • JTurner82

    I think it's a little TOO soon to predict the next Nintendo console, but I do like the idea of the handheld and console being able to play both simultaneously on the TV. In fact I wonder if there's a way that one can play 3DS titles on TV.

    • "I think it's a little TOO soon to predict the next Nintendo console"

      A discussion on what Nintendo might or could do now is perfectly fine. Especially when Nintendo has spoke on it themselves at Investor meetings, combined their portable and console R&D teams, and released the New Nintendo 3DS with upgraded power (usually a precursor to Nintendo next system)

    • TLH14

      You're right, now's not the time to be worrying about the 9th gen.

      We should be discussing the 10th generation!

      Personally, I think AR is going to be the big thing; it wasn't ready this generation, and I don't see them trying again soon enough for the 9th. After all, isn't the GamePad just an evolution of the GBA to GCN cable? I'm telling you, that little AR Games app on your 3DS is going to skip a generation and become something truly impressive in the next decade.

  • Prime313

    Here's (some of) what I think needs to be present.

    Both the handheld and console together should cost no more than 450$.

    I fully agree with the idea of an new type of cross-buy.

    A suggestion on my part would be to have the handheld unit act as a sort of expansion pack for the main console. Buy them packed together, have the handheld unit be able to plug in to the main unit and the main unit use the processing power from the handheld. This would make the most sense for conserving the price of the units, but you would have to sell them together.

    Use a gamepad 2.0 type device for the controller to ensure backwards compatibility with Wii U.

    Way better battery life for the handheld unit (6 hours at least).

    That's what I think needs to be there, but I do have something I just plain want to be there. A Nintendo music type application where you can buy all those sweet, sweet songs from their exclusives and use the handheld unit to listen to on the go.

  • android138

    I feel that smash was a trail run of the way Nintendo is going to release future titles. Metroid and Star Fox I will bet money will have an amazing 3DS title drop before the Wii U version releases.If Smash was any indication Nintendo can build tremendous hype with this method. I think the Wii U was an investment run in the technology Nintendo wanted to use for the future. now that the initial investment has been made, the next console will focus on computing power as well as graphical power. the reason I think they will focus on those 2 factors is because of where technology is heading. I leave you guys with this….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H0NMsp1lX0
    Nintendo has been developing for this technology for a while now. everything will fuse into one console that is able to be truly mobile at the same time.how they decide to implement the next console is up in the air. holographic tech is the future. which requires a second screen to augment reality. just like the Wii U game pad or 3DS. or a surface to project the image on. the use of cameras like the 3DS AR games is also an example of augmented reality. I think Nintendo will use all of the above. but all of this is just my opinion.

  • SoccerStar9001

    My idea feature would be Wii U 2 (don't name it that btw) have no region lock.
    Hopefully that can happen. However, given how much piracy has grown, it would be a bad idea for Nintendo.
    It is easier to for Chinese hacker to spread ROM to everyone then.

    Nintendo's next gen system should be cheap enough to be a secondary console to people, and powerful enough to expand Nintendo's talent.
    They should also make sure there is a strong line up of 1st party launch titles. Add in 3rd parties if possible.
    Nintendo 4DS should also be cheap and has tons of games.

    Overall, just cheap and having a solid library of GOTY worthy games is good enough for me.

  • SoccerStar9001

    If Nintendo did your idea, Sony Pony would say Nintendo copied Sony.

    • LOL, no they wouldn't. Because the PS Vita is so poorly integrated with the PS4 that this would be completely different.

      Not to mention, Nintendo did the GBA with the GameCube before Sony even had a handheld on the market.

      • SoccerStar9001

        I still bet they would.
        Hateful people sometimes.

  • GeneralBrown178

    IMO, to get the best Nintendo experience is to have BOTH the Handheld and Console, so fusing them together is a great idea. Also excellent video!!!